Users and consumers own a very significant role in the success or failure of a Mobile App. A Mobile App review survey was conducted by which had a sample of more than 600 American and Indian mobile app users, aged 18 years or older. According to the results of the survey “96.5% of the American and Indian mobile app users say there are frustrations that would sometimes lead them to give an app a bad review”, including the following:

  •      Application/system freezes – 81%
  •      Application/system Crashes – 69%
  •      Slow responsiveness – 61%
  •      High battery consumption – 60%
  •      Considerable amount of ads and promotions – 62%

This survey also has recorded the statistics of the number of consumers for whom performance matters the most. Without any doubt, the number is 98.5%, i.e. almost every mobile app user considers performance as his/her main priority. When the users were questioned about the kind of apps, for which the performance mattered the most: 81% said banking apps, followed by maps (59%), mobile payments (55%), mobile shopping (51%), games (39%) and social media (52%).

Interesting statistics have also been recorded regarding the consequences of poor performance of apps; 50% of the users would delete the app immediately, 40% would delete the app if it would freeze for longer than 30 seconds, 29% would use a negative word of mouth to inform about the bad performance, 19% would post their negative/bad comments on social media (such as facebook, twitter, quora and blogs), 22% of the sample responded by saying that their patience time is only about 5 to 6 seconds, i.e. they would delete the app if it froze even just for 5  or 6 seconds and this number is expected to increase drastically in the future. Even though the number is small; 31% of people said they want to keep a paid app a little longer in spite of its poor performance, but the damage is already done which is not easily repairable. The consumers would not prefer to buy any such apps in the future from that particular developer or brand. Few suggestions for the users that would avail ameliorate the performance of apps are provided here:

Suggested Solutions:

·    Majority of the times consumers just delete an app without even caring to provide a genuine reason that propelled them to delete the app. Users need to provide valuable feedback by describing the concerns/issues (shortcomings and pitfalls) that had prompted them to delete an app. The feedback would aid the app developers in understanding the shortcomings of the app and would also help them in ameliorating the app.

·    Instead of just rating the app in terms of numbers/stars or just saying good, bad or average users should take some time to describe their positive/negative(pros and cons) experiences with the app

·    Though not needed, consumer should endeavour to realize that there could be lots of factors that affect the performance of the app such as processors, recollection, and memory and compatibility issues. Users should, not expect superior high performance on low end mobile devices, as the quality of the app has nothing to do with the performance. Hence the quality of the apps should not always be inculpated when there could be faults with the devices/network.

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