The Java programming language was originated and developed at Sun Micro systems under the guidance of Net luminaries James Gosling and Bill Joy, was designed to be platform-independent  programming language that is very safe enough to traverse networks and also very powerful enough to replace native executable code. Java rectifies major issues raised here and played an initial role in the popularity of the Internet, which leads all of us to where we are today.

In its early days, lot of the enthusiasm for Java focused on its potential for building embedded applications for the Web known as applets. But in the initial days, applets and other client-side GUI applications implemented in Java were limited. If we look at the current scenario, Java consists of Swing and JFX, one of the most sophisticated tool kits for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in any language. This development has enabled Java to become a very favorable choice for developing traditional client-side application software.

Another point of importance, however, Java has become the most elegant and premier platform for web based applications and web services. These applications make use of technologies consisting the Java Servlet API, Java web services, and numerous popular open source and commercial Java application servers, design patterns and frameworks. Java’s portability and quickness make it the most considerable platform of choice for modern business and enterprise level applications. Java server’s runs on open source Linux platforms are at the core of the business and IT world today.

The initial seeds of Java were planted in 1990 at Sun Microsystems by patriarch and chief researcher Bill Joy. At that time, Sun was competing in a relatively tiny workstation market whereas Microsoft was starting its domination of the more mainstream, Intel-based PC world market. When Sun losses the battle on the PC revolution, Joy retreated to Aspen, Colorado, to work on some advanced research project. He was committed to the concept of accomplishing messy tasks with simple software and founded the audited named Sun Aspen Small works. Of the initial members of the small team of programmers assembled in Aspen, James Gosling will be renowned as the father of Java.

With the commencement of the Apple Newton (Apple’s first handheld computer), it became apparent that the PDA’s ship had not yet come in, so Sun moved towards First Person’s efforts to interactive TV (ITV). The programming language of consideration for ITV set-top boxes was to be the near ancestor of Java, a language called Oak. In spite of its elegance and ability to enable safe interactivity, Oak could not salvage the lost cause of ITV at that time. Clients didn’t want it, and Sun soon abandoned this concept too.

At that meantime, Joy and Gosling got together to decide on a new approach for their innovative language. It was 1993, and the popularity of interest in the Web presented a new opportunity. Oak was small, safe, architecture-independent, and object-oriented. As it happens, these are also many of the needs for a universal, Internet-savvy programming language. Sun instantly changed it focus, and, with a little retooling and some smart tweaks, Oak became Java!!

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