Besides, the major contribution of Amazon EMR services and its other related tools, many other companies also provide certain useful Hadoop Tools enlisted as following:


Look for the product Adaptive Analytical Platform, which delivers an ANSI SQL compliant query engine to Hadoop. Hadapt enables interactive query processing on huge data sets (Hadapt Interactive Query), and the Hadapt Development Kit (HDK) lets us create advanced SQL analytic functions for marketing campaign analysis, full text search, customer sentiment analysis (seeing whether comments are happy or sad, for example), pattern matching, and predictive modelling. Hadapt uses Hadoop as the parallelization layer for query processing. Structured data is stored in relational databases, and unstructured data is stored in HDFS. Consolidating multi-structured data into a single platform facilitates more efficient, richer analytics.


Karmasphere provides a collaborative work environment for the analysis of big data that includes an easy-to-use interface with self-service access. The environment enables us to create projects that other authorized users can access. We can use a personalized home page to manage projects, monitor activities, schedule queries, view results, and create visualizations. Karmasphere has self-service wizards that help us to quickly transform and analyse data. We can take advantage of SQL syntax highlighting and code completion features to ensure that only valid queries are submitted to the Hadoop cluster. And we can write SQL scripts that call ready-to-use analytic models, algorithms, and functions developed in MapReduce, SPSS, SAS, and other analytic languages. Karmasphere also provides an administrative console for system-wide management and configuration, user management, Hadoop connection management, database connection management, and analytics asset management.


The WANdisco Non-Stop NameNode solution enables multiple active NameNode servers to act as synchronized peers that simultaneously support client access for batch applications (using MapReduce) and real-time applications (using HBase). If one NameNode server fails, another server takes over automatically with no downtime. Also, WANdisco Hadoop Console is a comprehensive, easy-to-use management dashboard that lets us deploy, monitor, manage, and scale a Hadoop implementation


Its Orchestrator platform automates, accelerates, and simplifies Hadoop installation and cluster management. It is an independent management layer that sits on top of an Apache Hadoop distribution. As well as simplifying Hadoop deployment and cluster management, Orchestrator is designed to meet enterprise security, high availability, and performance requirements.

Apart from all above more recently, Oracle has developed an in-database Hadoop prototype that makes it possible to run Hadoop programs written in Java naturally from SQL. Users with an existing database infrastructure can avoid setting up a Hadoop cluster and can execute Hadoop jobs within their relational databases.

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