Competitor research is a core part of website optimization and involves studying websites that rank well for keyword targets.

Competitor research is important for several reasons:     

  •  It highlights gaps in our keyword targets.
  • It helps identify content areas where we are weak
  • It shows keyword and content areas where we rank well and have competitive advantage
  • It provides insight to help you define realistic SEO targets

The most important output of competitor research is a greater understanding of what is helping websites to rank highly for keywords relevant to our website.

Some Criteria For SEO Competitor Analysis     

1. Website Structure
2. Which Technology Used to Create the Site
3. Keyword Consistency
4. Check Sitemap and Robots.Txt File
5. Backlink and Traffic Analysis
6. Rich Snippets
7. Content Analysis
8. Top-Ranking Keywords
9.Social Media Reach Analysis

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