Believe it or not, this statement is accurate. Schema has been the project of major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo since 2011. Major search engine have thought it over – and they’re using Schema markup even today. Let’s go through its benefits – SEO and otherwise – and how we can apply it for our website, in this blog post.

Schema is simply a markup that will help major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo become smarter by feeding them data in a search engine structured manner. It’s like feeding chopsuey to a 8 year old kid and asking that kid to identify each vegetable – it’s really tough (and not just because kids don’t like veggies!). But if we identify each vegetable to the kid, what it’s for, and then feed each one individually, the kid would be able to identify the veggies much easier.

Search engines want to be fed in a structured manner where you would identify each ingredient to it. How Schema does it, is that it would categorize items in your website that it can describe to the search engines to categories. The most generic type of item is url, image, name, text, descriptions.

This item type has properties such as additional Type, description, image, name, same As and URL. These describe to search engines what the item is all about. 

Schema will improve our website:
Implementing “Rich Snippets” will enhances our links found in search     engines.
Improving visibility in special search results such as  Video, Recipe, Image,    etc.
Increasing Click Through Rate of our links in search engines.
Increasing organic traffic and leads to our website.
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