is the results of collaboration between Google, Bing,  and Yahoo! search engine to help we provide the information their search engines need to understand our content and provide the best search results possible at this time. Adding Schema markup to our HTML improves the way our page displays in SERPs by enhancing the rich snippets. 

Latest evolutions in SEO is called schema markup. This latest update form of optimization is one of the most powerful technique. Once we grasp the concept and method of schema markup,we can boost our website in the SERPS .


Advantage of

Schema markup is code  that we put on our website to help the Google return more informative results for users. If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll understand exactly what schema markup is all about.

Advantage of

Schema markup helps our website rank better for all kinds of content

types. There is data markup for… 

  • Articles 
  • Blogs
  • Local businesses

  • Ratings

  • Book Reviews

  • Software Products

  • Software Applications

  • Events

  • Products
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