SEOs was driven to subdomains an online publishing platform that was severely hit by the Google Panda update, to utilize subdomains to remedy the over 50 percent increase in their traffic. 

Sub-domain & Sub-directory are two most common term in the world of web-hosting. Sub-domain & sub-directory empowers you to add more functionality to our website. By creating subdomains, We can insert keywords into our URL without creating and registering a new website. 

 For example we can have a Articles related to software development or blog at sub-domain that would be like:


Using Sub-directory we can have separate website at different directory of

your website like: 

The organized nature of subdomains further improves user experience. 

We can maximize our geo-targeted pages by creating them as subdomains

instead of subfolders (ex: "" instead of


This one concept can help any individual like you to extend their hosting

features & have more features added with our website.  

        Root domain:




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