(1)Integer Programming: These methods may be used when one or more of the variables can take only integral values. Examples are the number of bus in a fleet, the number of inverter in a house, etc.

(2)Dynamic Programming: Dynamic programming is useful to solving problems that involve taking decisions over several stages in a sequence. 

(3)Goal Programming: It is a powerful tool to tackle multiple and incompatible goals.

(4)Simulation: It is a technique that involves setting up a model of real situation and then performing experiments. Simulation is used when it is cumbersome, or time consuming to conduct real study or experiment to know more about a situation.

(5)Nonlinear Programming: These methods may be used when either the objective function or some of the constraints are not linear in nature. Non-Linearity may be introduced by factors such as discount on price of purchase of large quantities.

(6) Symbolic Logic. It deals with substituting symbols for words, classes of things, or functional systems. It  is algebric logic, and propositions. There have been only limited attempts to apply this technique to business problems; however, it is extensively used in designing computing machinery. 

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