The acquisition of any knowledge is always of use to the intellect, because it may thus drive out useless things and retain the good. For nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first known.” – Leonardo da Vinci.  Knowledge acquisition is also be enabled with data mining techniques and knowledge discovery for an enterprise.  

Datamining pioneers hidden or new patterns in data that resides in multiple databases. It includes statistical analysis tools to discover relations, correlation and market related analysis. Various analysis tools are approached in data mining For example, data mining suites, SAS, and data visualization tools.  These tools accomplishes the goal of creating new knowledge by being able to analyze existing data and making something useful out of it. It also helps in predicting future occurrence and forecast expected outcomes.  

We could make use of templates too. It includes designing or patterning of an item that acts as a guide for designing or constructing similar items. This tool is helpful to organize knowledge in a systematic manner, by following an established design.

Blogs could also help us acquire and share knowledge in a very effective manner. These are webpages that typically focus on a specific subject. They can be like personal pages that are much like personal diaries which are periodically updated and accessible publicly. This web tool fits with the aim to elicit knowledge, by authors being able to express their unique ideas and opinions.

In software development, Apart from these tools there are many sharing and dissemination tools. It includes groupware and collaborative tools. These tools acts as enablers of knowledge flow and knowledge-sharing activities among personnel. Groupware invokes class of software (programs) that allows to work together while located remotely from each other. Here, collaboration is mainly referred as groupware, or work group productivity software. For example − LAN (Local Area Network) 

Groupware are very helpful and effective tools and also support lot of operations. These are used a lot for security purposes like password protecting of documents. These can also be used for scheduling meeting and allocate resources whenever required. We can distribute file among several users. These are used for Electronic mew letter and Email (electronic mails). These are very effective for organizing and handling group calendars. Groupware also includes collaborative writing systems. These can even use for video communication systems as well. These are also used for chat systems and wikis. 

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