In this blog we will learn about Xcode project that we use to configure our app and also we see the required resources that are necessary for our app. Whenever we create Xcode project it comes configured to run right away in iOS Simulator or on a device. And also when we create an app in successfully running condition and it is being able to run on a device, it doesn’t mean that your app is ready to ship on the App Store.                         

Every app that we create requiring some amount of customization to ensure a good experience for the user. Here we points out the behaviors that all apps are expected to handle and that you should consider early in the planning process.

When we create an app, must have the following set of resources and metadata with that help app displayed properly on iOS devices: 

·   An information property-list file:  Our every app contains Info.plist file that contains metadata about our app. With this help system/device uses to interact with our app, and interesting this is that Xcode automatically creates this file for us based on our project’s configuration and settings. 

·   A declaration of the app’s required capabilities: Every app must declare the hardware capabilities or features that it requires to run and those information used by App Store to determine whether or not a user can run our app on a specific device. We can edit our app’s list of requirements using the required device capabilities entry in the Info tab of our project. 

·   One or more icons: System/Device displays our app icon on the home screen of a user’s device and it may also use other versions of our icon in the Settings app or when displaying the results of a search. 

·   One or more launch images: When an app is launched, the system displays a temporary image until the app is able to present its user interface and that temporary image is our app’s launch image and it provides the user with immediate feedback that our app is launching and will be ready soon and also we must provide a launch image for our app..

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