Every effort starting from title of our web page till the off page SEO, if follow the guidelines and boundaries set by the Google search engines is called white hat SEO. It should be very clear that before launching any website and make search engine optimization, go through the rules and procedures of the search engines especially by the Google. If you are within limits of search engines and there is no illegal activity in respect of search engine optimization, you site will never be penalized and will improve the page ranking day by day.        

The main advantage of white SEO technique is that our website will never be penalized and banned by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Whereas, through other techniques, your site will be penalized and if you have Google AdSense account, the same will be blocked. So, always be careful while writing, title of the web page, Url of the web page, meta keywords, meta description and headings of the web page. All should be within the limits of length and ratio set by the search engines. 

Black hat SEO technique is totally not acceptable by any search engine especially by the Google.  

Examples for Black hat SEO:      

  •  Cloaking
  •  keyword stuffing
  • Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages
  •  Page Swapping
  •  Duplicate Content or Mirror Site
  •  Spam Blogs or Splogs
  •  Blog Spam or Comment Spam
  •   Link Farms
  •  Referrer Spam
 Typosquatting or URL Hijacking


Through this technique of SEO experts uses different techniques which are against the rules and procedures of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. These techniques trick the search engines to relevant pages of the website to bring the improvement in the page ranking temporarily. It is very clear, that using the illegal activities, the website might show on the first page of search result, but this will be totally temporarily and will be out of search engines for ever. Over stuffing of keywords in the title, URL, Meta tags and in the contents is also black hat SEO technique.

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