Hi everyone in this blog I’m explaining about Reset Password in Safe Mode via Admin.


When Windows 7 was installed, a built-in account named administrator was created at the same time. The Administrator account has a blank password until you create a new password for it. So it is easier and safer to reset Windows 7 login password in Safe Mode when forgot Windows 7 password. Now we try to login Windows 7 with an administrator account.

Step 1: Open Control Panel from the start button.

Step 2: Now click User Accounts Change Setting.

Step 3: After following second step pop a new window like this and click User Accounts

Step 4: After step third popup a window where you can select Manage User Account.

Step 5: After step 4th popup a window where you can select User And click Reset Password button for reset password user.

Step 6: After step 5 open a new window where Admin set new Password and click OK.

  Modified On Feb-22-2018 01:29:16 AM

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