SFDC Flow:  Add a Custom Button


In my previous post SFDC Flow: Add a Confirmation Screen, we learned how to add a confirmation screen in SFDC flow. After this, here we see how to add a custom button to launch the SFDC flow

Add a Custom Button

Now that we have a flow, let’s add a custom button so that users can launch the flow from the invoice detail page. The button will:

        Launch the flow specified by the flow URL. You can find the flow URL on the flow detail page.

        Pass the relevant invoice ID into a flow variable.

        Set the flow finish behavior so that when the flow user clicks Finish, the browser returns the user to the relevant invoice detail page.

1. Create the custom button for the Line Item custom object.

a. From Setup, click Create > Objects > Line Item.

b. In the Buttons, Links, and Actions related list, click New Button or Link.

c. Define the custom button.

                        Field                                   Value

                        Label                                    Add Line Item and Update Stock Qty

                                                                     The Name is automatically populated based on this entry.

                        Display Type                       List Button

                        Behavior                              Display in existing window without sidebar or header

                        Content Source                  URL

                        URL text box                      /flow/Add_Line_Item_from_Invoice_and_Update_Stock_Quantity



d. Click Save.

e. Click OK.


2. Add the custom button to the Invoice page layout.

a. From Setup, click Create > Objects > Invoice.

b. In the Page Layouts related list, click Edit for the Invoice Layout.

c. Click  for the Line Items related list.

d. Expand the Buttons section.

e. Under Available Buttons, select Add Line Item and Update Stock Qty.

f. Click   .

  The button name now appears under Selected Buttons.

g. Click OK.

3. Verify that the button appears in the preview area for the Line Items related list.

4. Click Save.


Try Out the App

Now try out the revised app and see the flow in action.

1. To make sure you get real results when you try the app, configure an existing Merchandise record to have a known starting quantity.

a.       Click the Merchandise tab.

b.      Click Desktop.

c.       Click Edit.

d.      Set the Quantity to 1000.

e.      Click Save.

Now when we try out the flow, we can easily verify that the merchandise quantity is updated correctly.

2. Click the Invoices tab and either create a new invoice or edit an existing one.

3. Click the Add Line Item and Update Stock Qty custom button you just created.

4. To see results on the invoice detail page, enter the following values for the line item.

                    Field                              Value

                    Line Item Number       11

                   Merchandise                Desktop

                   Quantity Ordered        100

                    Unit Price                  1000

5. Click Next and then Finish.

6. Verify that the line item correctly appears on the invoice detail page.

7. Click the Merchandise tab.

8. Click Desktop.

9. Verify that the Quantity changed from 1000 to 900


Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your inventory. But what happens if an error occurs? The standard behavior is for the flow to email the organization administrator a generic message, but you can modify the flow to also immediately notify the user. This is covered in my next post.


**This document is referred from salesforce help tutorials

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