SFDC Flow: Add a Confirmation Screen

In my previous post SFDC Flow: Add a Record Update element, we learn how to add a Record update element, here we move to next step and see how to add Confirmation Screen in our SFDC flow

 Add a Confirmation Screen

The flow is complete enough to do the job, but let’s add a screen to let the flow user know that the flow has finished.

1. From the Palette tab, drag the Screen onto the canvas.

    The Screen overlay opens with the General Info tab selected.

2. For the Name, enter Done.

    The Unique Name is automatically populated based on this entry.

3. From the Add a Field tab, double-click Display Text.

4. Click [Display Text] in the preview pane.

5. On the Field Settings tab, configure the field as follows.

    Field                         Value

    Unique Name         confirmation_message

    text box                    Thank you.

                                      Your line item has been added to the invoice and the

                                      available the quantity of merchandise has been


 SFDC Flow: Add a Confirmation Screen

6. Click OK.

7. Drag the node from the bottom of the Record Update element onto the new Screen element to connect them.

8. Click Save.

SFDC Flow: Add a Confirmation Screen

9. Click Close.

The flow detail page displays the flow URL. You’ll need this later when you create the custom button for launching this flow.

SFDC Flow: Add a Confirmation Screen


Next, we need to add a custom button in SFDC flow which we see in my next post 


**This document is referred from salesforce help tutorials

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