SFDC Flow: Add a Record Create Element

In my previous post SFDC Flows: Add a Form screen, we learn how to add form screen in a flow. Here we move to our next step and see how to add a Record Create element

Add a Record create Element

Now that the flow can contain all the data required to create a Line Item record, let’s add a Record Create element to do just that.

1. From the Palette tab, drag the Record Create onto the canvas.

2. For the Name, enter Create Line Item.

    The Unique Name is automatically populated based on this entry.

3. For the Create field, enter Line_Item__c.

4. Set the fields in the record using values from flow variables and screen fields.

     a. Click Add Row until you have five assignment rows.

     b. Set the fields and values as follows.

          Field                                  Value

          Invoice__c                         {!vInvoiceId}

          Merchandise__c               {!Merchandise}

          Name                              {!Line_Item_Number}

          Quantity__c                    {!Quantity_Ordered}

          Unit_Price__c                   {!Unit_Price} 

5. Click OK.

The Screen and Record Create elements now appear on the canvas.

6. Connect the two elements by dragging the node at the bottom of the Screen element onto the Record Create element.

The node doesn’t move, but a connector line appears as you drag from one node to another element.

7. Hover over the Screen element and click SFDC Flow: Add a Record Create Element .

    This identifies which element to execute first when the flow runs.

8. You can drag the elements to position them as you wish.

   What really matters is that the connectors link the elements together so that the flow executes them in the correct order, starting with the identified start element.

SFDC Flow: Add a Record Create Element

9. Click Save.

Notice that the activation warnings no longer appear because we set the start element and linked the elements together.


After this, our next step in creating flows is to add a Record Update Element. We will tackle this in my next post.


**This document is referred from salesforce help tutorials

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