Are you planning to go on your next vacation? If you are then, there are a lot of consideration you might be thinking about. Sure, there is time travel proof but one on the safe side consider traveling in an airlines. If you are on a shoestring budget then, you might be scouting around for some pocket friendly options for flights. 


Top 5 Airlines For Budget Friendly Travel

If you are looking for full range of services at a lower cost, JetBlue is your best bet. From modern couches to back screen seats to a tons of entertainment options, you will never feel that you are traveling in an economy class at a fraction of the cost. That is the best thing about traveling with JetBlue. Their excellent customer support and social media presence along with free Wi-Fi facility makes it a lucrative option for tech savvy flyer. On flight Wi-Fi means that you can get some work done even when you are flying thousands of meters above sea level.

Cathay Pacific

Top 5 Airlines For Budget Friendly Travel

Legroom has always been a concern for long heighted travelers. They struggle to adjust their legs. If you travel via any other airline, you wont find anything under your seat but with Cathay Pacific that is not the case. Tall travelers can appreciate the extra leg room on Cathay Pacific flights, which adds to the comfort and make their traveling experience even better. There are many entertainment options as well, which will surely prevent you from getting bored on the flight.

Moreover, Cathay Pacific provides their passengers with fresh fruits and vegetables, which make their meals stand out from the crowd. If you are health conscious, you will surely love the fresh juice especially when you compare it with the carb-laden food other airlines tend to offer to their passengers. The 31 inch seat pitch ensures that you feel right at home. Cathay Pacific’s seating arrangement of 2-4-2 makes it a great option if you are traveling with your better half or a friend.


Top 5 Airlines For Budget Friendly Travel

Emirates Airline needs no introduction. It is one of the leading airlines in the world. If you are planning to take a long flight taking you across continents then, look no further than Emirates. With a 32 inch seat pitch, Emirates A380s are some of the best airplanes to travel. The comfort level of seats is head and shoulders above the rest. Throw in some great entertainment options into the mix and you get a fairly well rounded package.

There is also free Wi-Fi but there is a cap on it so, you can not depend on it for more than uploading pictures on social media. The additional luggage allowance is also a welcome addition especially if you are planning to go on an adventure trip to Dubai and enjoy a desert safari. The bite size menu items is a wonderful addition and will keep you hunger pangs at bay on a long flight.

Singapore Airline

Top 5 Airlines For Budget Friendly Travel

If you are one of those travelers who value service more than everything else, Singapore Airline is an ideal choice. There are very few airlines that can match Singapore Airline in the quality of service department. Whether you need a toothbrush, comb or a new pair of socks during flight, Singapore Airline can provide you that and much more. Even if you choose to fly via economy class, you won’t be disappointed with its comfortable armrest. Seats are a bit narrow as compared to competition but the 31 to 33 inch seat pitch makes up for it.

Etihad Airline

Top 5 Airlines For Budget Friendly Travel

With a modern outlook as compared to its more popular competitor, Etihad holds its own when it comes to services. It might not be able to compete against the marketing of Emirates but it can certainly match up and even exceed Emirates in other departments. It is much cheaper than Emirates and offer you more room for yacht rental in Dubai. Although, the entertainment options might not be at par with its more expensive competitor but it offers the same seat pitch at 31 inch with only difference being Etihad seats are bit narrower when compared to Emirates. When you compare Etihad to any other international and local airline in US, you will find that it is much better than other airlines.

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