Top 10 Gaming Accessories That Every Gamer Should Have

Life of a gamer is all fun and games till their gaming gear gets old, obsolete, or outdated. There is no bigger inconvenience for a gamer than to play their favorite game with the gear that no longer supports the new games. A lot of lags in your game can really blow your fun apart.

Top 10 Gaming Accessories That Every Gamer Should Have

To save you from such a tragic situation, we advise you to always keep your gaming gear updated. So, investing in new and latest gaming gears is what a gamer should do every now and then! Now, we are not telling you to splurge and purchase all the new gaming stuff in the market. We are here with the idea of adding some of the coolest gaming accessories in your gear like the best mouse for gamers. So, let’s have a look at our list of the top 10 gaming accessories every gamer should have:

1) HORI Real Arcade Pro 4

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4, also known as HORI Fight Stick is the hottest gear you can own to perk up your gaming form. This is a high-quality joystick that is officially licensed by Sony. So, you can be sure of the quality and performance of this gear. The HORI fight stick is compatible with PS4, and PS3. The stick has quite an ergonomic design with round button edges, touch panel, button configuration mode, input toggle switch, and turbo function.

The joystick weighs 4.8 pounds and offers equalized weight and responsive accuracy for a better gaming experience. It is available in four colors – black, blue, white, and red at a price of $141.

2) Razer Hydra Gaming Controller

This gaming controller is the result of the growing technological advancements in the gaming sector. For the lovers of 3D gaming, this one is a god-sent. The world’s first motion-sensing controller for PC gaming, the Razer Hydra is ideal for entering the virtual world through a good game. The magnetic motion-sensing technology senses motion and helps you perform really well during the game.

The gear offers ultra-low latency that helps you give a fast response during the game. The gear is made of the precision technology that helps the sensors work and make gaming easier by studying the motion of your hands. The gear is available in a bundle as well as single unit at two different prices - $459 for the bundle and $129 for the standard unit.

3) Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

This one is the best mouse for gamers and is a must-have in your gaming gear. This gaming mouse comes with Logitech’s brilliant optical sensor technology. It senses the movement of gamers’ hands and utilizes the same for a better performance. You can use different weight and balance configurations in order to customize your mouse as per your requirements. The mouse also has 11 programmable buttons that can put to the best use by the gamers, as per their convenience and requirements.

The buttons of the mouse are designed and tested for 20 million clicks. It has mechanical micro-switches, magnetic weight cavity, rubberized grips, and more. All in all, this is the best mouse for gamers and is available for $49.

4) Ducky One 2 Mini Gaming Keyboard

This is one the best 60% gaming keyboards available in the year 2019. The keyboard has a very ergonomic design built with high-quality material and has a number of customization options. As a mini keyboard, this solves the problem of space for gamers. So, if you have a small gaming station of if you already have a lot of gears from your gaming equipment, this keyboard will do justice with you.

This mini keyboard flaunts an amazing design with a standard row of buttons and PBT keycaps. It is easily programmable and has row rattle cherry stabilizers. With a gorgeous design and customization options the Ducky Ones Mini 2 is available at a price of $139.99.

5) Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

Are you a fan of multi-player gaming sessions? Or do you like to have your gaming time alone to yourself? If so, this amazing gaming headset is just for you! With the superior noise cancellation technology, this headset allows you to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest by putting your focus straight to the gaming sounds.

The headset has a noise-cancelling microphone and can be connected to your system through 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. You can send commands to your team members or other players uninterruptedly with this quality gaming headset. It is available at a price of $259.

6) Cyborg amBX

This one is an amazing gaming accessory an if you’re truly about the aesthetic of your game room or gaming station, you would prefer the Cyborg amBX to add some jazz. These are two lights that matche with the ambience of your game room and create a unique sensation and vibe around you while you’re playing video games.

This is best-suited with all amBX gaming gears and is known to have 16 million colors! The price of these lights is around $200.

7) Thrustmaster TH8RS Gearbox

 If you’re a mad car racing enthusiast, this gear is for you! The Thrustmaster gearbox lets gamers change their gears with ease and style, making their gaming experience more realistic and fun. This gaming gear is compatible with PS3 and PC and can also be used as an upgrade to your existing gaming gear.

The gearbox comes with 7 gears and 1 reverse gear for the highest performance and a rich gaming experience with car racing games. The material is high-quality and the technology used is quite top-notch!

8) Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

For the biggest gaming fanatics, TV and PC screens restrict their gaming experience and so, they require the bigger picture of everything! This is where this very interesting gaming gear comes into play – the Optoma Gaming LED Projector.

The projector allows gamers to play games while they are displayed on bigger screens with the help of this gear. It projects 75 lumens and gives out quite a clear and bright picture as compared to the normal projectors. The compatible inputs are HDMI, VGA, and other composite inputs for audios and videos.

The project allows a 60-inches display, 10 feet away from its placement, giving you one hell of a gaming experience!

9) Xbox One Elite Controller

Talk about the best controllers, the Xbox One Elite Controller is something to look for. Beating the top gears including the beat keyboards or best mouse for gamers, this controller helps you have the time of your life while you’re gaming.

It is a wireless controller with the trusted name of Xbox. Termed as the world’s most advanced gaming controller, this one comes with a carrying case, 4 paddles, 6 thumbsticks, 2 d-pads, USB cable, batteries, and a set up guide. It has hair trigger locks, interchangeable paddles, and rubberized diamond grip. With an Xbox console app, you can customize the controller just the way you want! It is available for $137.

10) Corsair MM800 POLARIS LED Lighting Mouse Pad

This one is for those who have themed their gaming spot with the colorful LED lights and are looking for more gaming accessories to add to the aesthetic. The Corsair LED mouse pad is optimized with gaming sensors and has 15 Zone RGB LED lighting and pixel-precise tracking. You can easily customize the lighting for the best experience. The mouse pad has a built-in USB post passing through it for easy connectivity. The pad has a micro-textured surface with a no-slip rubber base. It is available for $39.99!

So, with this, we have enlisted the best 10 gaming accessories every gamer must invest in! These will ensure a rich gaming experience and better performance! So, check them out and pick the best one to buy.

Author Bio: Greg is a long time enthusiastic gamer. Initially, he started his career as a blogger reviewing games and gaming consoles and later joined the team as a writer. He spends most of the time with the team at work, getting inspiration & content for his articles as they review various products for gamers.

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