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5 Top Tips to Stay Healthy During Hajj

Sitara Gull 571 22-Jul-2019

Before starting the Hajj journey, there are a few health safety measures every Muslim pilgrim must take to keep him/herself sound and healthy. It is an occasion when people from all around the globe gather and perform the rituals of Hajj together. So the possibility of spreading the virus from individuals to many is a common thing and can happen. To keep oneself safe, with the preventions and some safety tips, it is very possible to avoid such viral diseases and infections. It is truly be said that the care is much better than cure.

5 Top Tips to Stay Healthy During Hajj

Care is better than Cure

Not to avoid the fats is a step one towards taking measures to settle them. It is likely possible that when in Mecca for Hajj, pilgrims might face a hard weather condition, can get ill by some reason, possible to be injured during performing the rituals of Holy Hajj. Understanding this, one can be prepared about all these possibilities which might appear anytime during the Hajj.

Tips for the Safe and Secure Hajj

Here are some tips pilgrims can benefit from so they can care about the things in advance than to wait for the worse.

5 Top Tips to Stay Healthy During Hajj

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Saudi Arabia is mostly warm during Hajj times. Pilgrims can get bad weather conditions and get ill by the dehydration. Dehydration can’t be cure easily and it can ruin the purpose of the journey one is in Saudi Arabia for. You will need to maintain the levels of water in the body balanced to keep yourself active and fit. You will have to do a lot of physical activities throughout your Hajj Pilgrimage, so keep a bottle with you and stalk in a family-size bottle.

Remember, be careful to take the water from the local water tapes, try to get the treated water in packed bottles or get that from somewhere you think is not polluted.

2. Eat adequately

Eating the food in some limit and manner can save you from food poisoning majorly, and the stomach related diseases you might face during Hajj. Food poisoning is one of the common issues that people often face. So eat moderate, is a tip pilgrim are always given to. Take the fresh food, fruits and vegetables and the foods which won’t cause indigestion and gases.

Avoid street food

Many street food sellers come out and install their stalls anywhere they see the rush of people will pass through. The pilgrims are offered that food which is not even on the right standards of their hygiene. That may cause diarrhea one can’t manage to cure that early. To keep your journey with its purposes, a pilgrim needs to be careful of the street foods in Saudi Arabia. Even consume the water in packed form as far as it is possible for you.

3. Keep Your Hands Clean, take regular Bath

Pilgrims should take great care of their cleanliness, should wash their hands several times on the day, should take bath daily. As hands are the direct source of transmission of viruses and diseases, one should wash the hands when it is needed. Best is to avoid direct contact with others. When you are making, eating food, wash your hands before and after finishing your food. Use a mask on your mouth for avoiding viruses affects respiration, also keep using the tissues in hand for cleaning purposes.

4. Bring Your Medications With You

If a pilgrim is patient, then he/she must not forget to bring his/her dosage along with the prescriptions. Responsibility in this regard is necessary, especially when you have serious concerns over diabetes and Blood Pressure. For the patients, proper rest is important because Hajj is an exertive activity requires sufficient and quality sleep. To get focused on the rituals of the Holy Hajj, one is needed to take a lot of care of his/her physical and mental conditions.

Keep First Aid Kit Along 

It is compulsive to travel along with a Medical Kit having all the essentials. First Aid Kit is important for every long journey, one should keep avoiding the difficulty when injured or get ill. The Medical kit should include pain killers, dressings and plasters, antiseptic, Basic diarrhea relief medicines, cough syrup, and face masks.

5. Get yourself Vaccinated

The Government of Saudi Arabia bound the pilgrims to come from all across the world to be vaccinated with respect to the findings of WHO. Being a citizen of the United Kingdom, the pilgrims need to be vaccinated themselves against Meningococcal Meningitis. While embarking for the Hajj or Umrah, you need to produce the certificate of being vaccinated by certain medicine.

Be healthy for a smooth Hajj Experience

With good health, the pilgrims would be more able to focus on their Blessed Hajj activity and can gather the lifelong memories. Pilgrims should follow the health advisory and take all the precautions announced through the media by the Ministry Of Health and Hajj of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. May your Blessed Hajj be accepted.

I am Sitara Gul, born Muslim, right now living in United Kingdom. My love for Islam is from childhood, I don’t see it as a religion but the way of my life. I love researching and writing. Currently, I am writing for Muslims holy Travel and they have some amazing range of Hajj & Umrah packages and Halal holidays too.

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