What Is There To See And Do In Manchester For Traveling

What Is There To See And Do In Manchester For Traveling

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Manchester is an important city in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Manchester is the capital of Lancashire, dominating commercial and cultural fields. It also remains as the headquarters for the media, education and the arts. It together with Salford and other eight municipalities forms the region of Greater Manchester metropolitan region in which three hundred million people reside. You can search for Lahore to Manchester Ticket Price PIA using Faremakers.

There are numerous projects also launched in Manchester like Liverpool. Castle field project is one of the most notable ones and its museum complex is being made on the Liverpool Rad. Entertainment and sports facilities for the tourist have also been increased. Excellent examples of lights this is the Opera House which is a source of musical and theatrical performances are mixed with lights. There is also a thrilling factor called Chill Factor. It is the longest and widest ski slope. It has a large amount of crowd in the covered streets of Bolton Arcade.

We are going to list some of the top Manchester visitor attraction sites.

Castle field

It is locally known as “Urban Heritage Park”. It is a very good place for exploring the city of Manchester. You can do walk on the pedestrian pass which is located along the canals. You can also see the Roman fort which is specially constructed as well as time is spent. There is also a famous canal which you should explore and its name is Bridgewater Canal. It was built in 1761 for the transportation of coal from Worsley to Manchester. There have been many warehouses in the way but most of them have turned into cafes, shops, restaurants, and hotels. You should do the boat tour along with Bridgewater Canal.

Other famous places are the Castle field Art Gallery which has the artifacts of the contemporary art and Bridgewater Hall which is the home to the Halle Orchestra and other first-class concerts.

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry is on the site of ancient British railway stations. It has many galleries which include the Power Hall, water and steam-driven machines are to be found here. Some of the items are related to the golden age of the textile industry as well as some of the ancient Rolls Royce of 1904 model. You can find the items from the Roman times to the Industrial Revolution can be easily seen in the museum building. There is also Air and Space Gallery which contains some of the numerous airplanes and contains the planes which were the British ones to fly successfully in the air.

Like this museum, there is also another museum located on the north side of this museum. Its name is the Imperial War Museum North. There is a history of the warfare and different items relating to the warfare are displayed in the galleries. There are audio/video presentations and you can hear and also see them. Sometimes, tanks, aircraft, artillery, and handheld weaponry are on the display now. Most travelers prefer to eat Manchester food dishes because all dishes are prepared in different ingredients and make a good aroma.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral was built near the banks of River Irwell. It was constructed between 1422 and the year 1508. It was given the status of a cathedral in 1847. Its chapels are very active which have been built in 1486 and 1508. Additions and alterations were made in every century. The choir stalls are very beautiful and they are decorated with the precious materials of the country. St. John Chapel has the chapel of Manchester regiment. In 1440, Lady Chapel was constructed by which has a wooden screen. There is mural located inside the Cathedral which was built in 1485. It includes the figure of Christ in a unique dress.

There is another religious site whose name is called St. Mary’s Catholic Church and it was built in 1794. It has another name which is called The Hidden Gem. There are many of the Victorian carvings. You will find a lot of their highlights such as the statue of saints and marble high altar.

National Football Museum

The city of Manchester has two football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United. There is a craze of playing football among the fans. National Football Museum is the place definitely which you want to visit. You would find the very first rulebook in the museum as well as historical trophies and clothing. Some of the movies are also shown which are related to football. There is additional entertainment for youngsters.

You should pay a visit to the stadiums where the home ground of the football teams is present. Etihad Stadium offers a variety of tour options and also Old Trafford also offers to provide access to private boxes and chance to use the field itself. Search for PIA Airline Tickets using Faremakers for going to a various number of destinations.

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