6 Lessons You Must Learn Before turning 3

List of things you should know how to perform before you turn 30 - practical skills, life skills, and social expertise that you can and should master by the time you leave your 20s behind you. There are things every person should know and should have worked out before they become complete adults and have families of their own.

Lots of items on this list are expertise every man should have that every lady should know in order to feel self-reliant and positive. The more life expertise you have, the simpler it is to take chances and strive for greatness. These skills are relatively simple to learn and based on facts you should know.

Definitely, your success in life does not depend on the expertise that is mentioned below, but your survival definitely can. No one is immune to bad luck and no one will ever be. It is your feedback to a particular condition that can turn the result in your favor. Here is a few expertise that can save your life and can also keep your life well balanced.

Failure is good for your learning process

Definitely, no one loves to fail. When you are young and in school, it is one way or another wired in you that failure is very bad. And the person who comes last. But in the true globe that does not forever work. Working hard and viewing every collapse as a learning process help you for growth. You are superior prepared for future aspirations when you have failed. As far as you do not stay down, but can increase again, you will survive. By the time you turn 30, you would come to know that failure is not so bad after all. Those who have failed more times are excellently prepared to manage success.

Money is not everything

One of the important lessons you must learn before 30 is that though money is very important, but it is not everything. In your 20s, one is thrilled about the freedom money offers. You are not happy about the location you live? You can move to a greener and quieter neighborhood. Health issues? You can get medication without any issue. It provides you convenience as you can afford a relaxed lifestyle.

Anyway, we are meant to be a river and not a reservoir. Let money be a means to an end and not the end. Target on true value, i.e. friendships, linked with people, contributing to your society and atmosphere as a whole. After all, the top things in life are free.

Take care of your body

Definitely, your body is your vehicle to victory. If you take care of your body right, it will take care of you too. Most people when they are young may not be know how their body could impact their victory. But believe me, your body does it for you. The effect of alcohol on your body is different as you grow older. It is remarkable to pay attention to your body so you can get the victory you want. Exercise not for the reason that you want to amaze any person or to burn calories, but for the reason that you will feel best when you do. You would decrease your anxiety and better your mental capabilities. Besides quite a bit of physical activity for your full well-being is not such a dirty idea.

Change is constant

Everything around us is continually changing, no issue if we are ready for it or not. What was relevant 10 years ago may have replaced significantly 10 years later. The top way forward is to accept change for the reason that sometimes the little change may be for the better. Our viewpoint on life may replace continuously as the years come and go. Do not be worried about change, Embrace it!

Learn to live with the objective

As we grow older we may have to direct our time and energy rightly. When we are young we seem to be everywhere. Going to school, getting married, getting a job or having a child seemed the best thing to do. But sometimes we need to have a perfect perspective of those things that we truly want or those things that we do need. Saying no to a lot of things is not such a dirty idea. And as you grow older you discover that is not about working more or living less but it is about performing those things that essentially made you happy. It is about finding an objective and living your life along a well-defined path.

Pace yourself

When in the early 20s, one feels like they have to perform everything now. The need to get to the top, experience everything, find love and plan our lives is too hard.

Anyway, we have restricted potential, and we cannot perform everything let alone do everything now. So, target on a single thing at a time, be top at it, finish it, then move on to the next. Do not rush things, but let life open out as it should.

You cannot please everyone

It is human to want to be appreciated, like and to belong. Anyway, it should not get to a point where you seek support from other people.

Understand that not every person will agree with you, not every person will like you, and not every person will respect you. But bear in mind, the high opinion that matters most is self-esteem.

Do not let faults crush you but let them be a lesson for an amazing future. Lessons in your 20s should serve as a compass in your 30s for a more relaxing life.


You should be afraid of making errors. Do not let the errors you make overwhelm. It is very important you do make errors. But your target should be on learning from these errors. The errors you made when you were 20 should not be the same errors you make when you are 30. Taking those huge steps in your career, life and business may need guts and going what is necessary. The errors you have done in the past serves as a range of making the best choices.

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