How to Develop a Photo Editing App Like Retrica?

How to develop a photo editing app like Retrica?

Everyone wants their photo to be extra charming that grabs everyone’s attention because photos hold the memories for the future. That’s when photo editing apps came to enhance image quality. Transforming photo for a better one is the purpose of these applications. These applications help to get large crowd attention. There are various photo editing apps for desktop and mobile platforms all over the world. Retrica is one among them and is widely considered the best quality photo editing app. To develop an app like Retrica requires features like stickers, logos, in-app private messaging, and a large set of templates, etc.

Retrica has various filters that enhance the quality of an image. Its design is very simple and efficient. It can be used to personalize photos, share photos, take selfies, and apply various filters to images. It has enhanced functionality, effective photo editing tools, etc. that make this application stand out in the crowd.

Retrica has updated its features recently. The new feed tab of Retrica 6.0 includes “following’ and “for you’ features for following photos and updates of the kin and kith; for finding new friends and updates of retrica. The unique feature of Retrica lies in its content that is made of stickers, stamps, and filters.

The key to a successful app depends on creativity, audience interests and updating of features. To develop an application like Retrica needs advanced features which makes the users most interested. The features of photo editing app must have these features like Retrica:

1. Real-time image processing:

This feature in Retrica makes it more attractive for the users since it has the capability of processing the image while taking the pictures in real time instead of processing image after the photo was taken. It displays how it looks at beforehand.

2. A huge stack of filters:

To develop an app like Retrica needs a huge stack of filters. These filters play an important role in image processing that includes enhancement, cropping, adjusting brightness, and many more. Various filters give different views and users can get at attracted to any number of filters. Filters are great tools in eliminating imperfections in the photo so that make the users feel more confident.

3. Storing images in Folders:

Retrica has the features that enable users to store their images in a separate folder or on the cloud so that the users can manage photos whenever they want. It also stores semi-finished images so that the user can again edit it later easily.

4. Templates, Stickers, Gifs:

Templates are great players in an application like Retrica. It offers a variety of templates. You can apply templates before and after taking the pictures. A variety of stickers, gifs should be available for the users to make the app popular.

5. Timer:

You can also set a timer for capturing pictures. It enables the user to give as many poses as they like while the timer is on.

6. Preview mode:

The availability of preview mode is the best feature for an application for more user engagement. This feature enables you to see the preview of the image beforehand. If it is not good, you can retake the photo.

How to develop a photo editing app like Retrica?

For developing an application like Retrica requires in-depth analysis of current trends of the Photo Editing App Development, the users’ interest, and an outstanding logo for your application.

The development of an app like Retrica requires in-built features for an application such as:

1. Account Creation:

The account creation can be done in two ways.

1. Through direct registration into the app by filling all the required details

2. Through the “Integration of social network platforms” such as Gmail, Facebook, Google+, etc. It is beneficial not only for registration but also for sharing photos, like and comment on the photos.

2. In-built Camera:

Though you can directly upload photos into the app, you must have an in-built camera to develop an app like Retrica for ease of use.

3. Photo editing tools:

The photo editing tools are primary requirements in the modification of images. You need to include all types of filters, looks, gifs, stamps, instant collage for multiple photos, stickers, doodles, templates, layers, and effects, etc.

4. Settings:

Finally, the settings should be customizable to users. With this feature, users can customize settings of their choice like storing photos directly to the phone gallery or application library.

How much does an app like Retrica cost?

Last but not least, it is the fundamental question for every application developer to know the exact cost to develop photo editing app like Retrica. Investing in this application is definitely a profitable one for businesses. The cost of developing this application may vary from country to country. In India, it costs up to $30K starting from $10K based on the complexity and features included in the app and in other countries like the USA, it costs double. And a minimum of 850 hours is needed for developing an app like Retrica.


For developing an app like Retrica requires a rich set of features as it has new and unique features that grab the attention of users. Creativity, current trend and awesome graphics make any app successful as Retrica.

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