Australian businesses have been spending more and more on digital media advertisement, than at any time in the past and this trend is expected to soar over the coming years. In 2017 advertising through digital media became predominant grabbing about 55% of the net spend. This is also expected to move up by another 6% by 2021. Market researchers hold the view that the ad spend by Australian business overall will grow to $16 billion by 2020 while the global media spending will rise closer to 50% mark for online advertising alone.

In 2018 first quarter, Australian businesses have invested over $2 billion on online advertising and about $1 billion of this spending was comprised of Directories and Search. Advertising spend for mobile devices rose to $909 million during the same period representing a 39% YoY.

Digital Engagement - The Numbers are Insane

The number of Google searches across a calendar year is an astonishing 2 trillion and it only keeps growing further. Broken down further, this translates to about 6 billion searches every single day. If we turn to Twitter, there are about 250 billion tweets in an year. Active users on Facebook in Australia alone are about 15 million and 50% of these users log in once every day in the least. This trend represents pure opportunity and scale to engage with your online customers. Irrespective of whether you are after attracting more traffic to a website, straight forward CTAs targeted towards your physical stores, digital marketing is now a proven path to shore up your ROI.

Some Traditional Platforms Have Bid Adieu, But..

Admittedly, some traditional ad platforms have suffered seriously from this growing trend in digital marketing and digital advertising. In the process, some of them have even been forced to pull the shutters down and move to eternity. Print as well as the television media has taken most of the brunt from this paradigm shift in advertising and ads spend by businesses. Consequently, newspapers are slated to lose ad revenue and the numbers can potential drop from $1.29 billion spent in 201 to $1.13 billion for 2018 and further slip with a downward bias. Magazines will similarly experience declining revenue from $377 million to $314 million and head downwards further in the coming years. Televisions channels on the contrary may not witness sharp declines since higher pricing will partially offset the decline in gross revenue.

Future of Digital marketing in Australia and Ways To Succeed

People Are Spending More Time Online Now

Over the past few years, shopping habits have changed dramatically with more and more people going online for their needs. Getting in depth information on products, comparing with competition, availing discounts and deals etc have never been easier. The digital world has grown significantly in depth as well as width and customers can access all the desired information from the comforts of their homes. Similarly, the old fashioned desktops have given way to mobile phones in a big way. Therefore, digital marketing now focuses on mobile friendly content.

An average Australian now spends about 70 hours online every month comprised of about 220 sessions for every individual.

Keep Your Business Ahead of The Crowd

The digital marketing space has been growing at a tremendous pace while the print and television medium have been experiencing slow death. This trend brings a juicy opportunity to take your business ahead of the crowd by reaching more people and converting high-quality leads through huge brand exposures across multiple platforms. But, it is important to understand the entire gamut of digital marketing before putting your best put forward.

Ralph Kalsi is an acclaimed expert in digital marketing, with significant focus on Australian business and he can help you take your business to greater heights. Following are some of the key areas that you can work with him to achieve this objective.

Email Marketing

Many people have predicted the death of email marketing though emails continue to be around delivering handsome returns on ROIs. A recent survey points to an impressive 122% ROI from email marketing. The survey found further that this ROI was 4 times higher compared to results obtained from other marketing platforms including social media, paid search and direct mail. Findings from this survey demonstrate that email marketing is far from dead. What is more, email marketing is pretty much affordable compared to other options.

But, if you are new to the digital world, you may find it challenging to harness the true potential of email marketing without the help of a professional digital marketing agency. Crafting those magnetic emails however remains an art fewer people are able to accomplish. We have culled out some tips to help you along the way.

  • Important to have a clear subject line – make it engaging, catchy and loaded with benefits
  • Write in persuasive, engaging and plain language avoiding jargons
  • Use short sentences and small paragraphs using bullet points as well as subheadings wherever appropriate
  • Speak clearly about benefits you are offering
  • Optimize the emails for mobile devices

Social Media Marketing

Most digital marketers agree that without focused social media presence no marketing effort can be successful and considering the following benefits that social media presents, they cannot be wrong.

  • Ability to develop loyal customers
  • Improved search ranking and lead generation
  • Ability to establish thought leadership
  • Increased sales.

But, the big question is whether all businesses are utilizing the power of social media in the right way. The fact is that many of them are making fatal mistakes and it is essential to avoid those mistakes. That brings into focus the need to hire competent digital marketing agencies to help you get on the right track with social media marketing.

Future of Digital marketing in Australia and Ways To Succeed

PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing

This is another time tested marketing channel that produces results when done correctly and brings the following benefits.

  • Reaching customers with right ads at the right time
  • Control your spending
  • High ROI since you pay only for clicks from interested persons
  • Quick results
  • Insights and data to help you sharpen other strategies

Notice however, that PPC campaigns can exhaust your budget quickly. Therefore it needs expertise of professionals to drive a successful campaign to generate enhanced conversion rate as opposed to clicks.


Merely having an awesome website does not help your business in any manner. Effective SEO is not an option but an abject necessity and you will quite likely need expertise with this too.

There are several other attributes to successful digital marketing and when you choose an experienced and you can take your business to great heights by hiring a competent digital marketing agency.

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