Understanding the various types of Packaging Tape

We area unit terribly pleased with our new picture packaging tape dispensers. Prinktoner boasts a complicated style to assist the tip user have seventy fifth less down time and deliver year on year inflated production capability.

If you're within the Packing tape trade it's useful to grasp the ins and outs of the merchandise you employ. this can aid your worker potency and reveal what instrumentality is functioning for you within the packaging method.

A poor alternative of product will price you time and thus have a negative impact on your profits.

Our Parcel Tape dispensers work with special tape exclusive to Prinktoner. This tape is immoderate sticky and longer than typical tape rolls. The tape roll itself is reusable and you waste less time dynamic  the roll due to the clever click reload system.

We think our tape is the simplest however it invariably helps to grasp the various types of packaging tape so you recognize specifically what you're obtaining.

Packaging Tape Facts

Packaging tape or packing tape is what we have a tendency to area unit primarily involved with for Prinktoner. It differs from brown packing tape, workplace tape, duct tape, Paper rolls and different types of tape since it should be sturdy and appropriate for a good vary of applications. it's pressure sensitive tape used for protection boxes and is most ordinarily made up of plastic or polyester backing.

Different types of Tape

Invisible Tape: Once applied this type of tape is incredibly arduous to examine, thence its name. you'll be able to additionally write this type of tape.Transparent Tape: A shiny end and long lasting stick.Doubled Sided Tape: Sticky on either side.
Removable Tape: though it will hold tiny things along firmly, like documents, you'll be able to readjust its position and it'll still stay sticky. you'll be able to additionally write removable tape.

Pop Up Tape: very talked-about with finish users reception for wrapping gifts and within the workplace because it delivers pre cut strips of tape to a selected length. These will simply be torn off and so ensuing piece is prepared to travel.

Greener Tape: created with the next proportion of plant materials as against manmade materials.

What you would like to grasp concerning Packaging Tape

Adhesives- There area unit many types of adhesive that area unit unremarkably used with packaging tapes:

• Natural rubber adhesives area unit created with natural resins.
• Hot soften adhesives area unit created with a combination of artificial rubbers, organic compound and a few natural resins also.
• Water primarily based adhesives area unit created employing a compound base.
• Acrylic primarily based adhesives area unit created victimisation acrylic polymers.

Hot soften adhesives area unit typically very talked-about within the packaging supplies trade as a result of the method creates sturdy initial viscosity. This helps the boxes keep sealed throughout doubtless rough transport.

Acrylic adhesives additionally prove widespread as they maintain a robust sticky hold during a vary of temperatures.

Widths – a traditional dimension for Postal packaging area unit between a pair of inches and three inches except for lighter weight packaging you will encounter smaller widths also.

Sizes – Anyone World Health Organization is ordering packaging tape dispensers for his or her warehouse ought to fastidiously browse the length of the concomitant tape to confirm sensible price for cash associated an economical system. If you're perpetually substitution the tape roll this prices time and cash. this is often why we have a tendency to created certain our tape was further long to hurry up the packaging method for our client’s packaging staff.

Colour – Packaging or parcel tape will are available in virtually any color you'll be able to consider however individuals most frequently associate it with brown, but clear is that the preferred color. Prinktoner opted for a clean clear tape to travel with our packaging tape gun.

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