Few Things You Must Do in London This Upcoming Holidays

Check the climatic condition and select your off day, when rain chance is lower. Grab an umbrella and visit London. Doesn’t matter London city is your home but there is always something to see and do. There are few best things you can do across London.

Peckham Record Fair:

Do you like vinyl? If yes, then it’s a perfect event for you. Happening at Peckham’s Copeland park, this is a wall to wall vinyl experience. This one is a great event for locals and also best for visitors. While visiting London, must go for Greenwich Spa treatment for relaxation.

Kew Gardens:

A royal botanical garden is a beautiful place. It’s a perfect destination for you along with the family as this place has amazing work of art. There is an exhibition happened, the name is Chihuly. This exhibition is full of a combination of art, science and nature.

Tower of London:

You can see the tower of London at the top in every guide book of this city. Here you can take a tour and will see crown jewels, additionally line of kings, which is one of the oldest exhibits in the entire world.

Adams Antique Fair:

If you are an antique hunter, then Adams antique fair is best for you. This happens in Royal Horticultural Hall. You can see everything in antique from jewellery to furniture. Make sure approach early before it becomes crowded, it is an extremely popular event.

Westminster Abbey:

When there is the talk of the popular church then few can compete Westminster Abbey. Abbey is a UNESCO world heritage location which consists of all kinds of historical significance for the British royal family.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre:

London is a city of art and literature. If you are literature love, like me then you must visit the Globe theatre. This is the production of the 16th century and in 1613 it was destroyed by fire. But this open-air theatre is a faithful reconstruction of the original theatre. Watch a play here can take you back in time. If you are interested in the ingenuity of theatre, then take the guided tour.

Dalston Rooftop Party:

If you want to dance and live your moments, then go for Dalston rooftop party. It happens on Saturday at 3 PM and ends on Sunday at 12 AM.

These are just a few activities which you should do this time in your holidays. Whether you are a resident of the city or just a visitor, grab a bag and explore.

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