Writing, they say, is a solitary task. A writer writes alone, usually facing a computer or a laptop, preferably without any distractions. But that doesn’t mean a writer cannot use tools to make jobs easier.

Top 10 best iPhone Apps for Writers you can download for free

Luckily for today’s writers, these tools are readily available right at the palm of their hands—through an iPhone. A number of iPhone applications can serve as invaluable instruments for the resourceful writer. Some of these tools offer direct and obvious assistance, while others provide help through various means. Nonetheless, any type of writer will surely find these awesome iPhone apps indispensable. Here are the best iPhone apps for writers:

1. NameShake

Can’t think of a name for your story’s protagonist? This baby-name application can be a blessing for fiction writers. The NameShake iPhone application offers a catalog of names together with their definitions throughout history, and more.

2. Secret Diary

Writers are always advised to keep a diary as a means of practicing their writing skills. This convenient application lets you keep a diary using your iPhone! It is password-protected, so you don’t have to worry about your diary falling into the wrong hands.

3. Dictionary.com

The most indispensable of all tools for a writer is the dictionary. Writers no longer need to lug around a thick dictionary when they can get the definition of over 270,000 words with this iPhone application. This is extremely useful for writers who do not have an Internet connection available all the time as this app doesn’t require one!

4. Word of the Day

Strengthen your vocabulary one word at a time with this iPhone application.

5. Documents to Go

This handy iPhone application lets writers view Microsoft documents. But more than that, it also allows writers to create and edit .doc files. This is a very convenient feature for writers who don’t always have the luxury of using a desktop or a laptop.

6. iTalk Recorder

Whether you’re a journalist who needs to record interviews or an aspiring writer recording ideas, the iTalk Recorder iPhone application is perfect. Besides being a reliable recorder, it allows users to append notes on the audio files and send files via email.

7. Wikipanion

Ever in need of a research tool when writing an article or any other kind of writing task? Wikipanion is the answer to your quick research needs.

8. iBlueSky

Seemingly, writers are always taking down notes. Finding a piece of paper or a pen before that magical idea is lost won’t ever be a problem with the iBlueSky iPhone application. It’s a nice feeling always having a notepad ready and that is what this app is all about.

9. Stanza

Writers are usually avid readers. Stanza allows iPhone users to read their electronic book files on their phone. Stanza also has an online book catalog through Lexcycle. With this iPhone application, you no longer need to carry around print books or buy an expensive electronic reader.

10. iStop WritersBlock

Professional writers fear the demon of writer’s block. Just don’t mention this to a writer who has been racking his brain for that next brilliant idea. The solution to this headache of a problem is this popular iPhone application. It is certified to get your juices flowing with its numerous features that can spark your creativity!

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