Let’s face it, if you have an outdoor living area, it becomes a personal oasis after long days of work and evenings of entertainment. The outdoors doesn't come without its own share of responsibilities to make it as comfortable and inviting as you want it to be. Lawn and garden care, insect control, pool maintenance, and even lighting are all the things you need to pay regular attention to keep from anything become neglected.

Luckily, we live in a day and age where advancements in technology allow us to more quickly get chores done so we can enjoy the things we work so hard for. Outdoor tech gadgets can help take the time and worry out of many yard responsibilities, and also help improve your time spent in your own space.

Outdoor Dining

Cooking outdoors is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and socialize when the weather is welcoming. BBQ grills have come a long way from their traditional design (but if you still prefer something simple, read more here), and you can now control your grill from your comfy patio lounger with a Smart Grill option.

If you just want to spruce up what you might already have, consider an automatic grill cleaning robot, specialized lighting to connect to your grill when lighting is an issue or cook perfect meat with high tech digital thermometers.

Lawn Care

Did you know that all those hours of mowing your lawn can actually be done while you watch from the comfort of your own porch? Automatic lawn mowers are actually a thing and can mow up to an acre on one charge. These machines run off a rechargeable battery and can be controlled using a Smartphone Bluetooth connection!

Sprinkler systems are also a great addition to help take the effort and worry out of watering your lawn, but did you know that most lawns on a sprinkler system are overwatered? Especially when sprinklers are allowed to run during rainy seasons or during periods of high humidity. If you want to save on your water bill, consider a smart watering system that can measure real-time weather data to create your own personalized watering schedule!

Insect and Pest Control

Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy a quiet evening outdoors while being dive-bombed by blood-sucking insects. Lathering yourself up with repellent is a solution, but also leaves behind residue and a not so subtle smell. Plus, if you want to avoid harsh chemicals, you probably want to take a more organic approach. Keep annoying insects at bay with electronic repellents that use ultrasonic waves to help keep a wide variety of flying (and crawling) bugs from your immediate area.

If pests are also a problem in your garden and lawn, you also can take advantage of this technology that keeps itself powered via solar panels to provide ultrasonic vibrations and pulses. This help deters moles, voles, mice, gophers, and anything else that would like to make your property it's home.

Garden Care

Even the most avid gardener will admit that they appreciate any help they can get for keeping their plants healthy and thriving. Watering sensors for automatic watering is one way to do this, as well as pest deterrents, as seen above- but more personal to the specific areas you are growing in are digital soil testers to help measure moisture and pH to ensure you have the best growing environment possible.

Lighting Solutions

Nobody wants the evening to end just because the sun has gone down. Technology has made lighting even easier than ever and provides an amazing array of choices for you to take advantage of. Everything from solar lighting that comes on only when the sun drops, motion sensor lighting, and fun and unique colors and shapes that are sure to have your visitors talking!


Be the life of the party when you take advantage of cool tech gadgets designed to get your guests socializing and comfortable. It's easier than ever to play music and catch the game while outdoors with weatherproof electronics. Set speakers anywhere in the yard and control them via Bluetooth to play for favorite tunes; no need to worry about the weather either as that is what they are built for.

Outdoor televisions are all the rage as well. And although should be in a sheltered place, and designed for outdoor use with specialized contrast controls for sunny days! Now you can catch the game all while catching the rays!


Enjoy your backyard like never before with cool products made to help take some of the effort and time out of property maintenance to make life a little easier. Plus, with all the cool entertainment possibilities you don’t need to worry about heading indoors to catch the game with high tech pest and lighting at your fingertips.

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