In a restaurant, serving alcohol is a good thing; highly profitable and trendy commodity which is quite easy and fast to prepare. Adding to it, serving alcohol to the customers makes them happy, and they will likely spend more money. It is as a dream comes true in terms of menu and the bottom line.

However, the fact is that alcohol has intoxicating and addictive features that require care and attention when they are being served. At a bar or a restaurant, the staffs have the responsibility to protect the customers and to make sure that they are enjoying the alcohol at a moderate level. It is not only beneficial for maintaining a good environment at the bar, but it is safe for the customers. Here are some of the tips that will help in responsible service of alcohol-

1.    Train the Staffs Properly
One of the important tips that will help to maintain a good environment inside the bar is to train your staffs. You must employ candidates who have training on RSA Melbourne or from other locations. The RSA certificate is very crucial as it helps the bartenders to know the exact way to serve alcohol and to resist the customers not to consume excess liquor.

2.    Measure the Alcohol before Mixing

Some think that measuring alcohol for making cocktail drinks is quite stingy. Your bartender should be consistent enough to mix equal amount of alcohol in the drink so that it is of even strength. Maintaining the level of alcohol consistency helps you to avoid the alcohol-related issues inside the bar or the restaurant.

3.    Do Not Serve Visibly Intoxicated Customers
If a customer comes and stumbles in your bar and bellies up on the bar table and already looking drunken, it is necessary to say a big no if he ask for more. However, the customer might get upset but the unhappy customer is easier to deal with rather than a drunken one. Intoxicated customers can start fighting inside the bar, causing damage to the restaurant property and harming others.

4.    Check the IDs
If you are owner of the bar, you must check the IDs of the customers, who are coming at your bar for drinking alcohol. Be sure that you train your employees to the IDs of the customers and take required actions when the customers are not eager to show the same. It is done for the smooth running of the restaurant. It is one of the important duties of bartenders.

5.    Sell Alcohol in a Responsible Manner
Be sure that you spread good values to the staffs when it comes to the responsible serving of alcohol. If the staffs see the customer has too much, they should not try to increase the bill further. Responsibly serving of alcohol is quite important.

Hence, these are some of the tips to follow when you are serving alcohol. As like serving the alcohol, candidates should opt for Barista Course Melbourne or from other location if they want to make and serve coffee.

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