Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

Feel of the 80s 

Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

Everyone loves the 80s, don't they!? Especially the costumes, the 80s feel to them and their epic designs which gave them a unique touch and feel that people are a fan of, even now.

Raiders of the lost ark was an action-packed, crowd-pleasing film which made a huge amount of Cult following as soon as it was released. Everything about this movie was Epic especially the characters and their unique appeal and the costumes they wore just made the lasting impression.

Harrison Ford and His epic jacket

Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

One main and important character of this movie Harrison Ford who played the character of Indiana Jones had worn a brown leather jacket and We all LOVED that outfit!

Indiana Jones Brown Leather Jacket

The brown leather jacket is a timeless jacket made with high-quality genuine leather material. Even now in Halloween or costume parties, this jacket is a feast for fashion cravers. Not just that it is a jacket for casual use as well, worn every day for work or in gatherings.

The Craftsmanship of the brown jacket

This jacket is designed in such a way that it contains two-way hands warmers pockets and an inside pocket that is leather bound. Is made from a top quality real, genuine leather. The jacket is made purely from Goat Skin. The weight and durability of the jacket are both perfect. The jacket is soft in terms of material. It Fitted Harrison Ford very well. This jacket contains Brass zips and D Rings. This jacket has adjustable side straps with side vents. This jacket is comfy and classic with a tailored fit. This jacket isn't too much fit neither too much baggy. This jacket is a long-lasting one with a brown color.

The brown leather jacket

Leather jackets have been used as a symbol of adventures in many old movies, even now the fashion statement that leather jackets make is simply Outclass. The Indiana Jones brown leather jacket was inspired from World War II American fighter and bomber pilots that was almost around the 1930s era. Deborah Nadoolman (the designer) and Peter Boatwright (the maker) were the brains behind this jacket. Peter Boatwright has company owned from the name of WESTED LEATHER which is located in London and he claims to sell the exact jackets as the original ones. He got many satisfied customers there too. Indiana Jones brown leather jacket was not only bound to that era but it became so famous and gained so much hype that it is known as top demanded jackets of famous films, even today. The jackets matched Harrison Ford's personality so much that the people called him the man of the hat. The discussions of this jacket never gone down help and the discussions are non stop till now.

The jacket is so trendy as well as so casual that it can be worn in everyday use at every occasion and still look good. These jackets were originally made in Kent, England.

This brown leather jacket became a symbol of Indiana Jones and his identity.

How this jacket came to existence had quite a story to it. What happened was that Spielberg liked Nadoolman's ideas and unique appeal that sure bought into the characters with her ideas. Indiana Jones character with basically inspired by Harry Steele in Secret of the Incas. Keeping that in mind Nadoolman design the costume of Indiana Jones with some more editing and improvements. She drew some scratches and then some jackets this from those Skechers store ordered from Wilson's Leather. 50 cent jacket similar to those Warren in the world War 2 by bomber and fighter pilot and from the hems and the cuffs, the Jersey units were left out. Then came Berman and Nathan, who were there subcontractors of the western costumes to whom Nadoolman suggested to make lots of improvements and alterations to the jacket. After that, the jacket maker Peter Botwright Was consulted. Boatwright presented many jackets to the session and it was then decided that Boatwright would put in the existing James Dean pattern with A2 pockets and an action pleat based on the Western Costumes mock-up. And so the perfect costume was designed which became the identity of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

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