What is your best bet? A high power, high-speed airless sprayer or a highly precise, better with controls HLVP sprayer? The former or the latter? Is it hard for you to decide? Do not worry we will not make you choose. What if you have the benefits of both in one single paint sprayer? All the price of just one. Isn’t it a piece of great news?

Titan has introduced a diverse machine with latest technologies. This machine is better than any machine that is already present in the market. Titan is not a new company; it has been around for more than 35 years. It is reliable and has produced only the best ones so far.

This machine has all the best things required in a paint sprayer: an incredibly efficient application system, high power, high precision, ultimate control over paint quantity and best warranty. Is there anything left to ask for?

With these attributes, even the best of HLVP sprayers cannot compete with what this sprayer is capable of. The Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer is no ordinary paint sprayer. It is high in efficiency and will exceed your expectations.
Do not get confused with the name. It works in both modes: Air-assisted and airless. It has the latest technology with the mix and match of both high-end technologies.

Will you believe that this machine allows coatings in air assisted mode with pure efficiency? It delivers ultra-smooth atomization and high control of transfer efficiency.

Not just this, it has an ability to apply a diverse variety of interior and exterior paints and primers with high production speed, you paid for. Do you still need more reasons to buy one? Haven’t you fall in love with this beauty already?

This machine is here to stay. It is not leaving your side anytime soon. With all the beautiful features, Titan has made sure to make this machine highly durable. It is not going to make you pay regular visits to the repair shop. It will build your reputation among the painter friends, that is our promise. As long as you don’t mess up, titan assures you this machine will not mess up. With a flawless dreamy finish, it will take you to the world of even and fine finish.

The Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer works great with all kinds of materials, solvent and water-based, primers, varnishes, polyurethanes, stains and lacquers, slow-setting 2k materials and UV hardening materials.


The attributes of Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer are better than any other machine you had. Titan gives you premium features on all standard AirCoat systems.

•    All of them carry the standard stainless-steel fluid section. All AirCoat systems are well-matched with all finishing coatings.

•    All of them have pulsation dampener and manifold filter standard. This assures elimination of gun filter impurities and tip breakages. No pulsation at any pressure happens.

•    The Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer is a very convenient muffler. It works efficiently at low operating noise levels.

•    The Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer also offers very low levels of air consumption, which helps it in providing maximum output per cubic foot of air input.

Additional features of the Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer include
•    Air Filter
•    Dual Regulator
•    Air Lubricator
•    Fluid Pressure Gauge
•    Pump and atomizing air pressure gauges

It is available in three states: the cart, spider or wall mount.
The order can also be either for “complete” or “bare” package.
The complete package includes a Titan 3600 AA gun, a Flat Tip and 50’ Air and Fluid Hose. The bare package, of course, does not include these.

Specification of AirCoat™ Air Assisted Airless
Gallons per minute (GPM): The gallons per minute, AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer offers is .35 GPM
Maximum fluid pressure: The Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer provides a maximum fluid pressure of 100-2800 PSI.
Maximum air pressure: The maximum air pressure Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer is can have is 35 PSI
Maximum tip size: The maximum size of a tip which AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer supports is 1 gun- .017"
Weight: The approximate weight of a unit of the Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer is 56 lbs.

Maximum hose length: The maximum hose length Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer offers is 50'

Accessories and Spare Parts List:
The AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer brings a GM 3600-gun along. Other spare parts include a variety of gears:
    Power cord
    Strain relief
    Lock Nuts
    Electrical housing
    Ground
    Label, “Press to Reset”
    Circuit breaker, 15A
    Strain relief
    Compressor ON/OFF switch
    Pump ON/OFF switch
    Screw
    Electrical cover
    Hopper assembly
    Diaphragm pump
    Flat washer
    Wire assembly
    Compressor filter
    Wire Nut
    Carriage screw
    Elbow, 90º
    Tee, street
    Gauge, air
    Regulator, air
    Elbow, 90º
    Relief valve
    Air compressor
    Cart assembly
    Flat washer
    Hex screw
    Pressure gauge assembly
    50 ft hose assembly
    5 ft fluid whip hose
    5 ft air whip hose
    Air coupling
    Straps
The speed of the Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer is unbeatable by best of the best HLVP sprayers. To be straight forward, if an ultimate, highly even finish is your goal and you are not ready to compromise on the production speed, you need to get the Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer.

For the sake of an unimaginably perfect, highly even and ultimately smooth finish, this machine is a must-buy item. Speed and transfer efficiency are both necessary features for a sprayer to become highly desirable. Both these features are present in the best form in Titan AirCoat™ Air-Assisted Airless sprayer.

Alltitanparts.com deals in the best titan pain sprayers. It also has all the tools and spare parts available for this item.  Do not wait too long. Buy this amazing machine right away. It is meant for you with the best and longest warranty that Titan prmises.

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