Want to Get a Piercing? Top Eleven Body Parts to Consider

Even though a wide range of fashionable modifications are readily available at present, most individuals consider piercing best. Besides looking gorgeous, it could be customised as per diverse requirements and characteristic traits in a seamless manner. If you are planning to undertake this particular procedure, choose from below-mentioned body parts only or else you might experience excruciating pain.

Want to Get a Piercing? Top Eleven Body Parts to Consider

1.    Lobe :

According to specialists conducting kids ear piercing Gold Coast with acute precision, lobe is by far most common area. Huge selection of jewellery includes danglers, circular barbells, straight barbells, and rings. Healing time is approximately ten weeks.

Want to Get a Piercing? Top Eleven Body Parts to Consider

2.    Conch :

Concerned ornament is placed right at centre of ear horizontally or vertically. Usually large gauge is utilised if dimension is a tad bit more. Healing time is four months but you can surely cut it short by taking extra care.

3.    Tragus :

Tragus is basically flappy part of ear. Initially ignored, modern-day people realise adorning this area would change their appearance to a great extent. Use a barbell and then upgrade to a ring after complete recovery.

4.    Helix :

Helix could be loosely defined as upper part of ear’s cartilage. You can exhibit creativity by selecting unique angles, jewelleries, locations, etc. It might look fine from outside but inner portions generally take about four months to heal.

5.    Daith :

Daith piercing has impressed a larger segment of population until now. The jewellery is of small diameter, and placed in between rook and tragus. A well-established practitioner would get done with this procedure in just ten minutes. Now isn’t that absolutely great?

6.    Rook :

Rook is area lying between above daith and conch, which are specified earlier. It heals quickly, about six months, when a curved barbell is used but you can obviously invest in jewellery having circular shape later.

7.    Eyebrow :

Eyebrow piercing has garnered extensive acknowledgment probably because when needles are penetrated in this area, a person does not feel any discomfort. It also enhances overall shape of his or her face.

8.    Nostril :

Nose piercing is utterly common but not implementing aftercare tips can unfortunately prolong entire recovery process. You must cautiously rotate the ring so that no pus or blood is stuck inside, and clean the area with antibacterial soap every day.

9.    Cheek :

It might seem weird but many people pierce their cheek, and the ornament looks like a cute little dimple. Healing time is a year or so, and during this period, you must practice gentle care, and exhibit utmost patience.

10.   Lip :

This kind of piercing is done just beneath lip line. Circular barbell or ring is placed either at side or at centre. Wait for at least three months until totally healed, and acquire a bold outlook within absolutely no time.

11.   Navel :

Navel piercing is usually done by women. It looks sensuous and can captivate attention of everyone quite easily. Make sure the jewellery is place in the middle vertically. Proper care ensures healing within six months.

Have you decided exactly which area to put jewellery on? If yes, schedule appointment with a proficient and reliable artist right away. From among varied options, body piercing Gold Coast shops have acquired maximum recognition. Each professional out here prioritises expectations of clients over everything else. Besides keeping price reasonable, they maintain hygiene under all circumstances.

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