Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

Windows Mobile 7 development is done using the .NET framework. The .NET framework is a software framework created by Microsoft for use in creating Windows applications. Programmers write applications using one of the several languages supported by the .NET framework, like C#, and the applications then execute inside of a runtime environment called the Common Language Runtime. For Windows Phone 7, there are two distinct development approaches you can take when creating your application.

The first approach is to use Silverlight Windows Phone Development and the second approach is to use the XNA framework to develop Windows Phone. XNA is Microsoft’s game development framework and has been used in recent years to create both Windows and Xbox 360 applications. If you’re creating a game for Windows Phone 7, you’ll likely use the XNA framework.

How to set up an environment for Windows Phone 7 Development?

Let’s get started by making sure your development environment is set up correctly. You’ll need to be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you need to have a DirectX 10 capable graphics card installed in your computer. After verifying your requirement download Windows 7 Phone Development Tool from here.

Once the file has downloaded, double click on it to install the complete Windows Phone Developer Tools package. Windows Phone Developer Tools package contains the following files:

1.       Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone

2.       Windows Phone Emulator

3.       Silverlight for windows phone

4.       XNA 4.0 Game Studio

Now after the successful installation of this package element, you will be ready for launch Windows 7 Phone Development.

Now to launch your first Phone Application follows these steps;

Step 1: Open your visual studio and go to File -> New -> Project

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

Now select your project type and enter your project name.

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

Now click on button ‘Ok’ after that your application will be launched with default settings.

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

The first thing you can delete everything inside of the layout grid so you could provide your own markup. You should see a Grid tag named ‘LayoutRoot’. Delete everything inside this tag. You’ll end up with the following code:

"x_MsoNormal"><Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Transparent">      


"x_MsoNormal">    </Grid> 


Now, to run your project press ctrl + F5 then following window will be appearing;

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

This is the default layout ‘testPhoneApplication’. I hope you will enjoy this article and  I’m very thankful to you for reading this article.

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