Artificial Intelligence for intrusion detection: future of cyber defense

Cybersecurity is one of the major concern in today’s world. Many hackers are waiting here and there to steal various information and creating malicious codes, tools to steal vital information. To protect, your digital estate from these enormous threats, you need to have a stronger system that covers A to Z. But is it possible to protect your digital estate from illegal intrusion by 100%? The answer is ‘Yes’ but you need to incorporate the latest technology that is said to be most advanced of all and it is ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’.

The tools that use AI can think like a human and sort that malicious codes, objects, files to protect your website, web apps or software. Detection of intrusion should be done in such a way that emphasizes the need for the action. And therefore before buying an intrusion detection system empowered by artificial intelligence you should make sure of the following criteria-

  • How does it think?

What is the difference between a single point threat detection system and AI empowered system? The main difference is, AI can think more or less like a human what a single point system can not do. So, before introducing a threat detection system please consider the thinking ability of the system. If its thinking ability is less than what you are searching, refrain from using. Moreover, your AI empowered should detect threats from the network, investigator bots, and endpoint. So that it can really detect the real threats for your digital estate.

  • False Positive Alerts

Many systems generate a lot of false positive alerts. Having a ton of false positive alert requires human intervention into the problem and manually check them that cause extra time and money. If the thinking ability of the AI-powered detection system is good then it will be able to intrusion check most of them by itself which will save time. So opt for the system that requires less human attention is a good idea.

  • Requires Multiple Solutions?

There are a thousand types of intrusion and often you feel that your system is not capable of detecting all of them. Which requires you to enable multiple solutions which slows down the process, requires extra time and of course extra cost. So, opt for a system that can trace a wide variety of intrusion techniques. AI-powered threat detection performs better in this regard as it can think and analyze the type of intrusion. So, opting for an AI-powered solution would save you some bucks as well as time as multiple detection systems would not be required.

With these key features, a good system should have a good UI, A good and interactive UI helps you take your decision fast and protect your own system. Good UI also simplifies the threat detection process and helps the analyst with the key instructions. So, choose the best cybersecurity system and consider the solutions that protect information breach across platforms.

Last updated:6/8/2019 3:17:14 AM


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