Printer plays the most important role in our lives today. Wherever you are, at the office or at home, you understand the significance of both locations of the printer. There's a lot of Printer Company on the market, but one of the most trusted products is the canon. But it also has some problems and mistakes. So here we're talking about one of the most popular issues, "Canon Printer Offline Windows 10 Error." Sometimes you're dealing with those kinds of issues that are very annoying. You do a lot of things to fix these problems, but you can't fix them, but sometimes they need simple solutions like settings for a change printer.

We will address every Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10 in this article. Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out if the printer is offline or has a connectivity problem. This can happen because of one of the following reasons,

1. Slow or unresponsive connection between the printer and the computer.

2. Internal error of the printer.

3. Multiple unfinished printing jobs in queue in the printer.

Like any printer brand, after important use, Canon designs may encounter many problems primarily in windows 10, the most probable error that happens in canon printers is Printer offline Canon, Printer offline error handling command, Wireless printer offline, printer is offline unable to ping, Printer not reacting, printing, operating, connecting, showing up and many more.

How you can resolve Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10

Let us first discuss the common Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10:

1. Offline wireless printer: this problem can happen with all types of printers, and many clients report it using a wireless printer.

2. Offline printing error handling command: you may get error handling command sometimes when trying to use a network printer.

3. Canon Printer offline: This sort of printer mistake is the most prevalent form and can impact any form of printer.

4. Offline network printer VPN – Multiple users only observed this issue when using a VPN. To solve the problem, you may need to change your VPN configuration.

5. The printer cannot ping offline – in some cases your PC may not recognize your printer. Indeed, many customers indicated that it was not possible to ping their network printer.

There are many methods you can attempt to solve  Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10. Here is a list of methods for troubleshooting:

1. Update Printer Driver

According to users, by reinstalling your printers you can readily solve the Printer Offline message. You need to do the following to do this:

• Go to the Control Panel chapter on Devices and Printers.

• Locate your printer, right-click it, and select Delete device.

• Click Yes when the confirmation dialog is displayed.

Check to see if the Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10 issue is solved after updating the printer driver.

2. Check Printer connection

Sometimes finding solution to this problem is fairly simple, you just need to restart the printer and the computer or unplug its USB cable.

When your printer is connected via USB cable make sure that your printer is properly connected to the computer via a working USB port.

When your printer is connected via a wireless network make sure that printer is properly connected to the PC network, a lit-up wireless icon on your printer ensure that you are properly connected.

When your printer is connected to the wired network make sure that your printer is properly connected to the Ethernet port.

3. Add a second printer device

This technique operates only when your printer is networked instead of a USB cable. If none of the above techniques work, you can still set your printer's manual IP address and attach a port to your PC to suit them.

You can add the second printer as follow:

• Go to the Control Panel chapter on Devices and Printers.

• Locate your printer, right-click it, and select Delete device.

• Select the tab Ports and press the button Add Port.

• Choose Standard Port TCP / IP and press New Port.

• Printer Port Wizard is going to begin now. Click on Next.

• Now enter the data you need. You can obtain the required data from the instruction manual for your printer. Click on Next.

4. Restart The Print Spooler Service

If the Print Spooler service does not work well, your printer will refuse to operate. Printer uses this service to print, and you may be able to solve this issue by restarting it. Follow these measures to do this:

• Press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard. In the search box, type services.msc and press Enter.

• Press the P button on your keyboard to quickly find the item Print Spooler. See if it's running status.

• If you can't see your status here, right-click the Service Print Spooler and click Start.

• If you like, this service can also be restarted: right-click Print Spooler and click Restart.

• Close the Properties window.

Using this following techniques you will be easily able to fix your Canon Printer Offline Error Windows 10.

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