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Flea Menace & Easy Steps of Flea Treatment

David John761 07-Jun-2019

Fleas usually come into homes through pets and they do so during the Fall season. Fleas are parasites that live on other creatures such as dogs and cats. Fleas are about 2,500 in their diversity in species. However, in the States, one of them is pretty common and affects the dogs and cats adversely.

Flea Menace & Easy Steps of Flea Treatment

Fleas require blood meals which they derive from the host. Summarizing all of this, fleas are parasites that require the blood of the hosts. These pests require extermination in different areas of Round Rock through the flea treatment Round Rockcenters.

Flea Bites-Diseases Transmitted

Flea bites can adversely affect a human body as well as pets. The bites usually cause swelling on the skin and result in itchy marks. Fleas can easily transmit diseases as dangerous as the following:

  • Fleas can transmit diseases such as Bubonic plague (the historical “Black Death” of the 14th Century). The Bubonic plague is transmitted to humans and pets through the rodents. Although, historically 25 million people had been killed due to the Bubonic Plague, presently; there are antibiotics to cure this plague.
  • Apart from the Bubonic plague, there is Murine Typhus which is present in infected rats and is prevalent in those areas where rats are very common. Symptoms of the disease include fever, horrible headaches, chills, body weaknesses as well as nausea.

Thanks to the development of Science and Medicine, there are treatments available.

  • Moreover, Tularemia is a severe illness that is very common in North America. Usually, this is caused by rodents and through the bites of an infected flea or tick. The disease is characterized by unexpected fevers, chills, diarrhea, steady weakness in the body, etc. There are plenty of medications such as antibiotics available which can treat Tularemia. 
  • Flea saliva is capable of causing allergies of different types, especially; skin dermatitis which is visible on the skin in the form of itchy bumps or as rashes which could cause people to be perturbed. Moreover, fleas can also cause asthmatic tendencies in people and fur-loss and solidified crust-like lesions on the animals.
  • Finally, fleas transmit tapeworms and parasites of a similar sort. However, tapeworms can be cured by a common veterinary. 

Tips on Flea Treatment

Flea Menace & Easy Steps of Flea Treatment

Fleas c be gotten rid off, through simple means; of which the following are mentioned:

  • First of all, you need to find how the fleas have come into your home. When you have found how the fleas came in and whether through a flea infested pet or through a wild animal infested with fleas.
  • To get rid of them merely by ridding the pets might not be of help. To do that, make sure you have the beddings, pet beds, as well as clothes cleaned in warm water.
  • Secondly, using foggers or flea bombs can terminate the fleas. During this process of cleaning, the devices produce a coating on all surfaces even to the dark ends where the fleas thrive.  

But during this time, you might have to leave the house. In this case, you could use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house to get rid of fleas.

  • Thirdly, Fleas spread in the yard as they do indoors. Make sure you clear the debris, the compost heap, piles of leaves and trimming the grass, trees being kept short and trimmed. To summarize, eradicate anything in the yard that could be a haven for these creatures. 

  Final Words

To conclude, fleas are a menace and you need to do away with these fleas. To do them, there are different organizations located in different regions in the U.S. and you’ll find many Pest Control Services Round Rock centers.

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