How To Choose The Right Air Cooler For Rent?

Air coolers are a great alternative to ACs, especially for people on the budget. These appliances aren’t just more affordable to rent, they also cheap to run. Coolers don’t consume as much electricity as ACs do so you don’t have to deal with high bills at the end of the month. But if you want to get the best cooling, it is important to get the best coolers on rent in Delhi. This article provides a detailed guide on how to choose the right air cooler for rent.

1. Different Types of Air Cooler  

There are two popular kinds of air coolers and they both have their advantages. Desert air coolers are larger in size and suitable for big spaces. They have big water tanks and fans that are capable of blowing air to different corners of the room, which makes them a great alternative to air conditioners. 

Personal air coolers are smaller in size. They have a smaller tank and fan, which makes them more suitable for places like bedrooms and studies. These coolers are compact and easy to move around, which means that you can use them as a personal cooling unit. For example, you can move the cooler close to the bed during the night to enjoy a restful sleep. 

When you’re looking to rent an air cooler, consider these two options and determine which will suit your requirements well. If you need something that can create a comfortable environment for a small group of people, choose a desert air cooler. If you need something for just yourself or a couple of people, personal coolers will work best.  

2. Consider The Cost 

Coolers are very affordable, especially if you rent them. The small monthly cost can keep you comfortable throughout the summer. These appliances are especially suitable for places like Delhi because the summer weather here is dry. Air coolers add humidity to the environment while cooling it down and they need to take in dry air to be efficient. 

Despite the affordability, there’s still some difference in price between the desert and personal coolers. Desert coolers are more expensive and will have a higher monthly rental. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to consider the personal cooler. 

3. Water Tank Capacity 

Air coolers use the method of evaporation. They cool the air by adding water vapor to it and circulating it in the room with a blower or fan. This means they need a water tank and an ample supply of water. Personal coolers have water tank capacities ranging from 20 to 30 liters while desert coolers have water tank capacity ranging from 30 to 60 liters. 

The bigger the water tank, the better because the cooler will be able to run for longer periods of time. For example, if you need to cool a moderate-sized room for an entire night, desert cooler might be the best choice for you.  

Choose a cooler with sufficient water tank capacity if you intend to use the appliance regularly. This will save you the hassle of replenishing the water repeatedly. However, if you intend to use the cooler sparingly, choose a personal unit. It is more affordable to rent and doesn’t take up too much space.  

3. Types of Cooling Pads 

There are two different types of cooling pads available in the market; honeycomb and Aspen or wood cool pads. Here’s a look at the distinct differences between the two options: 

• Honeycomb Pads – These are made from a cellulose material and have the appearance of a honeycomb. The material is a bit expensive, but it is more durable and efficient. It also requires less maintenance, which makes it an ideal choice for busy individuals.  

• Aspen or Wood Cooling Pads – These pads are made from wood shavings and synthetic fiber. They require a lot of maintenance but are less efficient and durable then honeycomb pads. They are more affordable as a result.

While coolers are efficient and reliable, they can’t keep up with the capacity of air conditioners. If you want your home environment to be cool and comfortable despite the outdoor temperatures, it might be a better idea to get an AC for rent in Delhi.  

Air conditioners are more expensive, even when you rent them. They’re also more expensive to run and will make up at least 5% of your electricity bill. However, they will provide a pleasantly cool indoor environment in the height of summer. They’re also more user-friendly because you don’t need to change the water every day and can just switch the unit on for cooling.  

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