In what way you can convert 3D scanned images into intelligent BIM using Revit?

Point clouds are the result of the 3D laser scanning process, but dedicated software is needed to convert it into useful information. For this, Future Gen Technology, a famous Revit training institute in Hyderabad provide various courses of Revit. In these trainings, BIM course training has high demand and now this institute is becoming the best BIM training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

By taking this BIM course training, the candidates can convert the scanned information into useful Revit models. But this process has a lot of challenges. The engineers or designers taking BIM course training in our Revit Structure Training institute in Hyderabad execute the project and delivered it successfully to convert point cloud into usable CAD models with the help of Revit, which also provides most of the advanced tools for the processing of large point clouds, from 3D laser scanning. The engineers and designers can also use the application “point cloud feature extraction”.

Creating and developing the BIM models or Revit BIM models, it is not that much easy. But our experienced professionals in the BIM training institute in Hyderabad, make this easy for you.

At first, the engineers can develop 3D BIM models from laser surveyed data images (LiDAR) and point cloud scan, those are captured by drones to take important decisions during retrofitting.

The scan to BIM process empowers the engineers, contractors or designers to undertake the renovation of the projects of historic buildings having prior insights. The trainees who are taking BIM course training, examine millions of data points representing 3D coordinates of the topography and utilize the surface reconstruction techniques and convert the point cloud to mash.

We provide BIM course training online also. Because of the easy accessibility, Future Gen Technologies is becoming the best online BIM training institute in Hyderabad. Several civil engineers, contractors, architects and MEP engineers take this training and examine the condition and envision the changes required for a new design for refurbishment. By taking the scanned data as input, they can create information-rich intelligent Revit BIM 3D models to conceptualize the scanned data and restore the design embedded within.

Our experts help the engineers and designers for facility management, retrofitting, building extension or modification purpose. The experts of point cloud modelling and BIM conversion are able to handle large survey scanned data sets and develop Revit models of big buildings like schools, universities and other old construction.

 point cloud to BIM conversion include:

• from scanned data, 2D floor plans, elevation, and sections

• 3D BIM Models from the 3D point cloud, which is captured by a drone

• 3D surface reconstruction from point cloud or the numerous unorganized points

• Redesigning for retrofitting the existing old building

• BOMs (bill of materials) and RFI (request for information) generation to initiate the refurbishment task

• Scan to BIM solutions and 3D model creation

• From point cloud data, creating information-rich BIM-ready 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements

We provide BIM course training including point cloud to BIM services to all the major AEC (architecture, electrical and construction) industry professionals including the builders, surveyors, architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers.

Point clouds are generated because of the 3D laser scanning process, but specific software is needed to transform it into useful information. For this, Future Gen Technology provides BIM course training, which has high demand for architects, engineers, and designers.

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