Read Performers review of the Yamaha MX88 Music Synthesizer. If you'd like the a sound that is powerful engine, but don't want all the bells and whistles of some thing similar to, say the series the MX88 that is new might be only the thing for you. The MX88 is a 88 synth machine which includes a keybed with connectivity out the wazoo, a loaded Motif sound motor, an integrated control surface and piano such as actions. We hesitate to call machines such as this workstations the word became sort of nebulous and since it is normally hated by producers.  

But the MX88 does become a channel where you get work. Starting with the bi directional USB audio\/MIDI interface, the MX88 not only acts as a powerful MIDI controller, but it solves the problem most USB equipped keyboards dont: namely, it does not make me feel like an idiot since I want to catch the sound from my synth. You have an on board controller surface with transportation controls. You edit patches can do, tweak parameters and do it all in one piece of hardware. Nice touch at this price for manufacturers. Bonus points for having the ability to take charge of your virtual instruments with of the MX88 controllers, as well.

All of that's great, of course, however it means diddly if the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard does not sound good. At nearly a 3rd the purchase price of the MONTAGE unit we tested not long ago, we were curious, to state the least. Yet, with the Motif sound motor on tap, we weren't disappointed. We loved of the concert grand sounds on of the MONTAGE line, and of the MX88 is no slouch either. And definitely, the fun does not stop there. Youve got 128 note polyphony, iOS integration for your portable recorders, and even specially coated keys which absorb all of your gross finger humidity after long sessions.

Yamaha 88 Keyboard Review

We played with of the MX88 for a couple weeks and found it's got a small learning curve, but isn't nearly as frightening as models higher up of the Yamaha food chain. After one mid-day, we'd it pretty well figured out. That said, the menu screen isn't as much as of the MONTAGE line, but then again, we wouldnt expect it to be. The MX88 is the ideal choice if you have been thinking about some thing like the Numa Compact 2, that weve reviewed on this issue, but you want more strong studio integration and more sound library options.

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