Nowadays who does not show their concern for the environment and find the solution to the current issues? Probably, everyone. If you too are a concern and interested to know the solution to the current issues related to the environment, sustainability, energy, and efficiency, then we recommend you to have a look at the top 11 latest blogs on the environment. For your convenience, here we have enlisted them.
So, here are they:

1. The Climate Reality Project:

This blog has brought the cold hard facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream as well as has also given ways to solve them. It will encourage you to take initiative to bring the change.
2. EcoFriend:

It is an online news channel which makes use of humor to interpret the environmental issues and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. It has discussed how to use waste materials in a productive manner.
3. Grist:
It is similar to Eco-friend. It presents the environmental issues in a very witty style and the concerns that have been around from the past several years. It has covered various topics related to food, humanity, climate, energy, cities, etc.
4. TheGuardian’s Environment Blog:
This blog is from the newspaper called the Guardian. It has discussed the current issues regarding the environment, climate change, and global warming.
5. PlanetArk:
This blog site is filled with homegrown news, ideas, and views. It has loads of amazing ideas on how someone can do something productive or positive for the planet. It has also shown how a small change can make a big difference to this planet.
6. RecycleNow:
It is a government funded company in England. It will give you a lot of amazing and useful tips on how to recycle all those random things that you threw in the storeroom of your house.
7. SustainAbility:
This website blog highlights the different trends regarding the field of sustainability and how the government of different countries is making its efforts to solve this issue.
8. Treehugger:
It is a leading media outlet. Its blogs can be helpful to get all the information about sustainability issues. It has covered a number of aspects such as building materials to ensure sustainability, pollution concerns, etc.
9. Green Biz:
This website provides information on the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability. That is why it is considered as one of the best environment blog. It touches the political aspects as well.
10. Inhabitat:
This website is devoted to the future of design, innovation, technologies, practices, and the materials that are making architecture and home design a bit more attractive and eco-friendly. Blogs covered by it are generally about green energy, waste management, etc.  
11. The Zero-Waste Chef:
This is a lifestyle blog which provides reader information on how to be an environmental friendly cook. It describes how to dry tomatoes under the sun, how to leave no waste after cooking. So, with the insights of the zero-waste chef, you can cut the trash of the kitchen by 80%.
These blogs would surely let you understand the different environmental issues the world is facing right now as well as what measures the government of those countries is implementing.

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