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Ever Heard of Tote Bags? Best Way to Become Eco-friendly!

james lafferty 461 30-May-2019

Ever Heard of Tote Bags? Best Way to Become Eco-friendly!Want to become eco-friendly, save trees, environment and become a good citizen? Then you should opt for using paper and cloth bags, disposable plastic and most important, throwing waste into separate dustbins! You will say that placing dustbins at public places is the work of public welfare authorities and disposable plastics should be used by the companies for packaging of their products! However, here is something only you can do. Use of paper or cloth bags!

Since we are talking about paper bags to become eco-friendly, have you ever heard of tote bags? If not, then we are here for you, but if you know, then here are few more interesting facts you might not know.  

What do recyclable, eco-friendly really means? 

Albeit these are basic scientific or social terms, you can understand them easily without taking help of a special book. Recyclable materials are the materials that after being used once undergo a specific process to be used in a different form. One of the major parts of the 4R cycle, the recycling helps in waste management to a large extent. Eco refers to ecosystem or environment.

Why Tote?  

Tote bags came into use in 1944, when L.L. Bean introduced a canvas bag to carry ice. However, they came into commercial use in 1960’s. The question that arises here is why to consider these bags are eco-friendly. Here is your answer-

  • You can Reuse them
  • They reduce deforestation and pollution
  • They are Recyclable
  • Promotes your business continuously
  • Increases your sale
  • Reduces waste

Custom recycle bags are manufactured for business or event promotional use. We provide you with recyclable tote bags made of pure organic cotton. Saving the environment, saving you and us! Make sure you order your tote bags from us, today! 

Advantages of Tote bags over single use plastic bags 

1. Can be used multiple times 

There is nothing more one would ask than a bag to be reusable. Single use plastic bags can be used once or twice but tote bags go a long way with you.

2. Durable 

Not just durable, these recyclable bags are multi occasional. Let it be an event or any business promotion, you can use them to a large extent. These bags are made from tough as well as flexible materials that can carry a brand imprint and all the weight you put in it.

3. Affordable  

Though buying a single plastic might seem cheaper than a tote bag, but if you look for a long term, tote bags are more pocket friendly than those single use plastic bags. Not just environment, it gives your pocket the tag of “go green” too.

4. Eco-friendly 

In this increasing population and pollution, it’s really necessary to choose a pathway that will make you more environment friendly. There is nothing more important than preserving nature for our existence and we have to take all the small steps we can take.

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