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Calculating An Entrepreneur’s Salary

Tony Karoos 701 29-May-2019

Entrepreneurs have one of the highest paying salaries ranging from $68,000 to $72,000. This is something that other entrepreneurs in the industry overlook. Some of them have small businesses on the side and still work a full time job to pay the bills.

It can be possible that while you are the owner of your business, you can also give yourself a salary for working your business. You only need to figure out how to calculate for your salary so you could be an entrepreneur full time.

Factors to Consider In Calculating For Your Salary

There are no rules and things to memorize to calculate for an entrepreneur’s salary but there are factors to be considered before charging yourself an amount of money for managing your own business.

1. You need reasonable compensation

Your salary should be in line with other companies that give salary to entrepreneurs. But also think about how much you earn before calculating a salary, not every company has the same amount of income.

2. Tax Considerations

Whether you are a small or a large business, you have taxes. Also, as an individual working a 9 to 5 job, you are also paying taxes. You have to calculate your business taxes and personal taxes so you could have an idea how much you should be paying yourself.

3. Cash Flow

You have to consider the business’s income. Is it generally a steady income throughout the year or do you have high times and low times in business? This can affect your salary if you are not monitoring your income as they come and go.

Owner’s Draw Method

Once you are done figuring out all that is mentioned above, you need to decide how you are going to pay for the salary. The owner’s draw method is a way of paying your salary. In this case, you are going to subtract a certain amount to your daily profit; don’t be confuse this with your revenue. You still have to consider the expenses you need before drawing out money from the profit.

At this point, you have figured out exactly what to do so your business grows and you still get paid while the revenue is still untouched. There are more methods for you to plan your salary and you can research and read more on the best way to calculate your salary today.

Updated 29-May-2019

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