Being a black cab driver, you are supporting your own business and you are also making a big investment with your time and money. It is not just a job but also a serious career. Therefore, you are supposed to cover your livelihood by making sure that you are able to keep earning every day almost or week after week. This means that you need to cover yourself and your great asset, your cab, from the things that could go wrong. And for this, you need to make sure that you are buying insurance effectively.

Important Factors of Public Hire Insurance

Public Hire Insurance:

Public Hire Insurance is also known as a hackney carriage. These cars basically have orange lights on top so that a customer could tell if they are available to hire or not. In other major cities and in London, they are also known as black cabs. These cars usually cover shorter distances.

Difference Between Public Hire And Private Hire Vehicle Insurance:

The difference lies mainly in the difference between public hire and private hire transport or vehicle. If we talk about public hire vehicle, then it is a taxi which is licensed for use s a hackney carriage such as black cab that you could flag down and you are not supposed to book the vehicle in advance. And If we talk about private hire then it is a taxi or uber, that you need to book in advance.

Public Hire Protection:

It is preferred that you should take advice from the local authority. Extra protection might include breakdown coverage, illness or injury insurance, and loss of earnings. Moreover, public hire insurance and private hire insurance are totally different from each other and the licensing authority would ask you to show them a copy of your insurance certificate in order to verify that you have the right sort of protection. Though many assume that public hire taxi insurance would be steeper than private hire vehicle insurance.

Benefits You Get in Public Hire Insurance:

There are numerous benefits that you get if you take public hire insurance. Public hire insurance provides you an opportunity in order to get any deal they offer if there is any. You could get a chance to avail different deals such as a quarter, annually or monthly deals. You could also choose any option according to your work or whichever suits you best.

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