A basic guide to use of Promotional Portable Charger

A basic guide to use of Promotional Portable Charger

Introduction to usage of promotional power bank

The popularity of power banks is gaining ever-increasing need and popularity in current scenario. The job profile of today ask for increased amount of travel and use of electronic gadgets, all the gadgets need is regular and quality power backup. Promotional power bank charger comes like a handy alternative in compared to ordinary battery chargers. It fits every big and small budget pockets, come in various shapes, various sizes and various mph battery lives. These portable chargers have become a trusted friend in everybody’s day-to-day life. As a regular user of portable power banks one should understand the working, does and don’ts of power banks. Following are a few bare necessary information ensuring the longevity and quality performance of a promotional portable charger.

Working of a power bank

In the language of a layman power bank is a gadget which comprise the capacity to store electricity for future use. The electricity, which can be further withdrawn to charge any gadget. The power banks are favourable to charge any gadget using USB. Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, Mp3 Players cell phones also some tablets (Android) could be sufficiently charged with the help of a power bank. There are in general three types of promotional portable charger are commonly available in market.

1. Universal Power Bank: Come in various configurations and sizes and could be tailored according to the usage of the buyer.

2. Solar-charged Power Bank: These contain photovoltaic panels, the only drawback of these charger are that it charges slowly.

3. Old- style battery phone case this type of power banks have narrow compatibility but could come along handy.

Suitability of bower bank to the gadgets

Depending upon the needs of the individual, the power bank comes in various criteria, which one must consider before a purchase.

a) Capacity

If the capacity of your phone is 1500mAh and you have a power bank of 2200mAh, your phone will be fully charged. If your gadgets holds the capacity of 2200mAh and your power bank is of 1500mAh the battery will never charge fully since your gadget’s battery capacity is more than of the power banks.

b) Number of output

Number of output refers to amount of output present in the promotional portable charger as charging point numbers. The various outputs have various sizes as if A-1.5A is an output for smartphones. 1.5 to 2A is for tablets, cameras, GoPros.

Functions of a Power Bank

The use of power bank is just to replenishing the charge of your gadgets. The online companies can sell the power bank by giving various configurations and naming augmented facilities of a power bank with added cost. All you have to look for a generous battery backup and portability of the charger. Only these two major criteria could suffice the needs.

As shopping online have increased in number the concept of offers, deals and added benefits with the purchased products have increased. Promotions are often made where a portable power bank is given free of cost with a cell phone of a gadget. The wide acceptance of such deals and heavy demands of promotional portable charges are a epitome of their increasing popularity and demand.

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