How To Troubleshoot When your Floating Pond Fountain is not working properly.

Hopefully you will get years of enjoyment with your floating pond fountains without any issues.

The pumps we use for the FLF SF100 Floating Fountain with LED Lights and FLF Pro-500 Floating Fountain decorative fountain are very durable, have a high impact impeller and housing that should provide several years of enjoyment. Our Stainless Steel Pro Series lake fountains utilize a rugged trash pump with stainless steel motor, impeller and housing. 

How To Troubleshoot When your Floating Pond Fountain is not working properly.

Sometimes there is a simple fix and it is important to check all the possibilities to avoid the cost of an unnecessary warranty return.

What to check for when the fountain is not working properly: 

  1. Is the pump tripping the breaker or the gfci plug?
  2. If so, unplug the fountain, pull it in and check the whole length of the cable to see if there is a cut in the cable.
  3. If there is no cut in the cable, it could be a faulty gfci plug.
  4. Another reason that would cause the breaker or gfci plug to trip is the impeller has ceased and is causing the pump to overheat.

To check the impeller, once again, make sure the fountain pump is unplugged, unscrew the up-pipe, look inside the spout, you will see the impeller, get a wooden spoon or screw driver and see if the impeller moves freely. If it does not, you can watch our video on how to clean or replace the impeller. If that does not solve the problem you may need a new impeller. 

Is the pump sputtering? 

If so, the cause of that can be that the pump or nozzles are clogged with debris and you will need to clean the pump and nozzles. These pumps can handle silty or murky water, but if there is a lot of clay, mud or thick algae, that will clog the pump impeller and or nozzles. If this is happening, clean it right away, otherwise this will eventually choke the motor and cause it to burn out.

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