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How to Wear Your Teddy Lingerie?

Imran Javed Awan 7834 25-May-2019

How to Wear Your Teddy Lingerie?

If you are ready to raise somebody temperature, and impress with the right lingerie, then teddy lingerie is the best. These garments are super sexy, figure-hugging, and make you hot as hell. Whether you are gunning for a see-through lace number or shimmering in one for some fun time in the dark, there is absolutely nothing sexier than teddy lingerie. However, we have seen many ladies hide a smile as they adore this work of art on the hanger in a shop or online, but say they can never wear it, on the contrary ladies, imagine this sexy lingerie as a camisole and rock them with confidence.

Brief History Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie has been around for a century – perhaps they didn’t look as alluring as they do now, but women have been wearing them as undergarments since forever. Teddy is a combination of a camisole and knickers sewn together into one outfit. The garment is worn through the leg holes and pulled up to cover the torso and crotch. These days’ teddies are made with light, sheer, transparent or opaque, comfortable materials that gently sit over your figure, accentuating it and boosting your confidence and sex appeal as a woman – or that of the wearer.

How to wear Teddy Lingerie?

Don’t let the word lingerie fool you, teddies can be worn inside or outside depending on how confident you are to pull it off.

As a Nightdress

Teddy lingerie has replaced the large and drab looking nightgown for a sexier and free garment that makes you feel sexy as you sleep. They come in made with different materials and design ranging from very sheer lace fabric to elegantly opaque designs.

A Day Out with the Girls

This might look like a long shot, but if you have the body and confidence to pull it off, why not? Teddy lingerie is the perfect combination with jean shorts or trousers, and a pair of heels to cap the look and you are off for a good time.

As the inner wear to a Suit

Teddy lingerie is part camisole and part knickers. So why not rock it with your suit for the office. Teddy lingerie creates a visually sleek shape for the torso to give a flattering and sexy look with overdoing it. They are also a great way to get the added lift to the right areas.

Enjoy summer with the Right Teddy Lingerie

Now that you know teddy lingerie aren’t just for indoors situation alone, rock one lounging at the poolside or beach with your friends soaking up the sun. Simple accessories like a wedge, a sun hat, and a waist wrap will make you feel like a celeb. Go from day to night with the perfect teddy lingerie; they are simple, sexy, and comfortable and will definitely have your partner’s mouth agape when they see you in one. Browse through collection of sexy teddy lingerie at HauteFlair or any other lingerie store for the right one for you.

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