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How to select laptop for podcasting

How to select laptop for podcasting

Alis Cane 729 25-May-2019

The selection of best laptops for podcasting is not an easy task for a new podcaster. If you want to start professional podcasting to spread your voice all over the world then you must have complete podcasting equipment like microphone, headphone, and a podcasting laptop.

The podcasting laptop is not a normal laptop, it must be a high-end specs system that can heavy music editing software easily.  

Before selection of a laptop for podcasting you must have considered the following factors: 

RAM (Random Access Memory  

Your laptop RAM must be higher than a simple laptop if you want to use it for podcasting. The performance of the laptop depends on the amount of RAM. If you think that you need only the fastest processor instead of a RAM then it is your wrong thinking.  

According to experts a laptop which has the fastest processor but low RAM can not be performed better than a laptop with higher RAM and slow processor.  

Recommended RAM for Podcasting Laptop 

It is recommended by experts to have a 16GB of RAM for a professional podcasting laptop. A 16GB of RAM can run heaving music editing softwares very easily and it will also enhance your multi-tasking experience.  


The performance of a laptop also depends on the processor. It is not true that the performance of the laptop only depends on RAM or another single factor. So you also need the fastest processor for podcasting laptop. 

It is recommended to have a Core i7 processor of 7th generation for podcasting laptops.

Updated 03-Oct-2020
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