Clearly, a window film makes the car look really cool. But that's by far not all it can do. Even if it doesn't make the car any faster, it is one of the best tuning measures you can do before the summer. It is the sunglasses for your car.

1.) UV Protection

The window films protect against the entry of harmful UV radiation into your car. UV radiation may not harm the health of the car itself, which is not a living being, but it bleaches the colours of the upholstery and all objects that are longer stored in the car. In addition, you often sit in your car and are exposed to UV radiation. The window films therefore protect your health.

2.) Heat Protection

Summer is coming and along with it come hot cloudless days. This is wonderful bathing weather, but for driving it is hell. The sunshine heats up the car, making it somewhat of an oven and if you are not lucky enough to find a parking space in the shade, the drive home after bathing can quickly ruin the cooling down again. It's even worse if you weren't bathing but just shopping or working! A window film causes that a part of the heating sunlight that would otherwise have fallen through the windows into the car is reflected. Thus, even with a slight tint, the car remains significantly cooler, as if it was always standing in the shade.

3.) Visual Protection

Do you like your privacy? It is not always nice for us if every passer-by and every other driver can see exactly what we are doing in our car. Maybe the car isn't always perfectly tidy and clean and it's a bit embarrassing to see empty candy wrappers lying around. Worse still, if a bag or mobile phone is stashed in the car from time to time, it can encourage a thief who sees it through the window to break into your car. A window film prevents others from having a look into your car.

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