Why did I choose Metal Roofing over Traditional Asphalt Roofing?

Last November, I inaugurated my new house. It is a good one made in place of the old one that had a roof problem.  

The roof of our old house was made of Asphalt Shingles and after installing, first, it showed some leakage at the corner where it accumulated some water. I was astonished how it could be? That surface was plain and now water clogged?

Later I asked one of my friends (he is an Engineer), why this happened? He replied Asphalt can change its volume when subjected to heat. Due to sun rays, the other portion of the roof Asphalt changed in volume and that’s the reason for having changed slope. I felt so disappointed, I would not be able to explain in words.

Before starting planning, I consulted with my friend about the roofing. I wanted to know the best options that are available. My friend showed me and described the advantages of metal roofing over other available options. I am going to demonstrate that advantages in here.

Longevity over Costing

Metal roofs last far longer than its competitors. For example, metal roofs generously serve for 20 to 70 years whereas other roofing solutions last for 10 to 20 years.

Initial costing of metal roofs is usually 2 to 3 times that of general Asphalt-Shingles roofing. But, metal roofs show much more toughness against decay and corrode.


The metal roofs are more environment-friendly than Asphalt roofs. This is because it shows different characteristics during summer and winter. Captures heat in winter and reflects heat in summer. This properties minimize the necessity of air cooler and thus saves electricity by around 20%.

Moreover, metals are prepared from up to 95% from scrap metals. This leaves a minimal carbon footprint in the eco-system.

Lightning Issue/Fire Issue

Asphalt is burnable at around 300-degree Celsius temperature whereas metal roofs are fire resistant. It also prevents fire breakout and lightning spark, thus saving important electronics of your house and lives of your kids of course.

Less Maintenance and Low self-weight

Metal roofs serve for a longer time without minimal maintenance. Whereas Asphalt roofing requires regular maintenance.

Moreover, the self-weight of metal roofs are not that much as like Asphalt roofing. This puts less pressure and stress on any structure and thus increase its life span.

Metal roofs have some other benefits too. For example, it is recyclable and re-usable. So, the impact on the mother Earth is being minimized. After completing its job, you can sell them at a good price and this can save/earn you some bucks.

Hearing all of these advantages of metal roofing, I opt for more costly but sustainable metal roofs than Asphalt roofs. In my sense, one-time investment on the roof is far better than maintaining my roof for over the years. Thanks to my engineer friend for giving me great advice.

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Khaled Syfullah

Khaled Syfullah

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