Few tips to reduce your bike insurance premium

Indian two-wheeler market is on upsurge and superbikes worth millions such as Benelli, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki Ninja, Ducati, etc. are being purchased by people. Naturally, it is one of the prized possessions of your life. You will try by every means to protect it from any form of damage - financially and emotionally. The best way is to purchase a two wheeler insurance cover that will secure you against traffic accidents, fire, storm, theft or other damages, caused by natural or man-made calamities. Insurance has been made mandatory by law in India. You need to have at least a third party cover to drive your bike on the roads.

Getting the right insurance policy is essential to protect your bike against uncertainties. But most people give reason to ignore insurance policies because of the hectic work schedule that doesn't allow them to run to insurance offices, take quotes, visit for vehicle inspections, etc. With internet based facilities, you now don't have to even step out of your home or leaving important work activists. You can buy policies with just a few clicks on your laptops or smartphones. What's more! Buying third party bike insurance online can help you avail good discounts and a lot of benefits.

So, try our bike insurance money-saving tips and cut the premium costs without compromising on the cover:

Choose Older or Less Expensive bikes

Motorbikes with lesser engine CC can help you reduce the premium costs, such as older bikes or classic motorcycles. That's because the repair and replacements costs of their spare parts tend to be lower and hence you get insured at low costs.

Few tips to reduce your bike insurance premium

Be a member of any Association

There are lot of insurance firms who provide good discounts on the bike insurance premium costs if you are a member of any rider or automobile association such as Western Indian Automobile Association, Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers, Automobile association of Southern India , etc.

Limit the Mileage

Insurance firms will give a good discount if you have a relatively low mileage. From insurer's point of view, if you won't be on the road much, you would be at lesser risk of meeting accidents or uncertain damages to your bikes.

Compare Insurance Online

Comparing policies on aggregator sites will help you get the right insurance quote. You can check the premium costs, features, seasonal or festive discounts, claim value and then go for careful two wheeler insurance policy purchase. Your bike insurance online helps individual choose right policy that suits their budget. With modern technology at your service, you one can find many online insurance companies with their websites containing all the information.

Long-term two wheeler policy

To boost the importance of bike insurance amongst the individuals, government has introduced long-term bike insurance policy for 2 to 3 years. By opting this policy customers can set themselves free from the hassle of yearly renewals as well as save on the premium costs as it will stay constant for during this term. Every year there is a certain hike in the third party premium costs and buying a long-term policy can protect you against this hike.

Build up your no claims bonus discount

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a form of discount offered by the insurance companies if you don't raise any claim in the preceding year. NCB is a huge amount and you can get a hefty discount on your premium costs if you accumulate them well. It’s advisable don't make claims to petty scratches or dents. Instead, accumulate them for higher discounts on premium.

Save your money, time and energy by purchasing your two wheeler insurance online, now!

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