Facts of DeltaEx Coin

DeltaEx coin is an Ethereum based ERC20 standard token built and transacted on Ethereum platform implemented by project DeltaExchange to support and accelerated the progression of DeltaExchange.

Today is a world of Crypto currencies! Now a days many crypto trading platform is available..Delta Exchange is one of the biggest and best crypto currency exchange Platform.

Why Should I Open Delta Exchange Account?

Cryptocurrency is a website where you can easily buy or sell a currency. Delta Exchange is a full featured spot trading platform. Here you can easily exchange your curreny or can buy a currency at best market value.. Delta Exchange is very safe and secure platform. Cost of exchanges is very low.

Why DeltaEx Coin?

An Strategy to expand bring more clients toward DeltaExchange.

Build a base currency backed by real BTC & ETH currency which will be supported in DeltaExchange.

Can be used for paying fees, listing other coins online promotion and various bounty programs.

Can be used for trade / exchange other currencies.

Facts of DeltaEx Coin

Facts of DeltaEx Coin

DeltaEx Coin will be available for purchase only through our crowd sale for period of 3 months from start 16th May 2019.

DeltaEx Coin will be backed by real Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT (Tether).

DeltaEx coin will be also listed in different exchanges where users joined in DeltaExchang can sell DLTX on other exchange withought any restrictions only for generic buyers.

DeltaEx Coin can be used for paying exchange fees, listing fees, promotions and bounty programs.

DeltaEx Coin will be locked for crowd sale users for 4 months from the date of listing whereas after 4 months each month users would be able to receive 25% of their holdings each month distributed on daily basis up to balance of their holding.

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