Painting our nails is something that, more or less frequently, we always tend to do. For this, it is essential to choose a tone of nails with which we feel comfortable and know what finish we prefer, in this respect matte nail polish is the trend . With nail paints, as is happening with lipsticks, you are using the matte finish every time. Without a doubt, a very suitable alternative for day to day.

It is possible that you are asking yourself the question: with the enamels that I have at home, how is it possible that I do not have any mate? Well, this is not a problem, with any of the nail paintings you have at home you can get that desired finish. In this way you will be able to use the glazes that you have, preventing them from drying or marring with the passage of time and, in addition, you will save yourself having to buy a new one.

4 ways to make a homemade matt nail polish

It is very simple and simple to make yourself a matt nail polish in your own home. There are several possibilities that exist, so, let's see some of them.

Use eye shadow

For this you will only need a transparent enamel and a matte-finish eye shadow of the color you want to paint your nails.

With a toothpick insert a small amount of eye shadow in a container, so that it is very fine powder and without any lumps.

Then add a small amount of transparent nail polish. Mix very well with the eyeshadow so that everything is uniform and paint immediately after the nails to prevent the mixture can dry and let dry the nails.

Water vapor

This is one of the fastest and easiest methods we can carry out to make a matte glaze.

In this case you will have to paint your nails with the enamel you want and when it is still damp you will only have to take your hands to a pot that you have with boiling water so that with the water vapor that is detaching the nails dry and get the matte finish.

Of course, be careful that the nails do not touch the water, since you can burn yourself.

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Use matte finish top coat

Another idea that provides a matte finish is to use a base and a normal nail paint and finish with a matte top coat .

Apply talcum powder

To begin, mix in a container a few drops of enamel thinner without acetone, nail paint of the color you want and talcum powder. Next, mix everything to form a completely homogeneous mass.

Finally, apply the mixture on your nails and you will see how when they are dry they will have that matte aspect you want and there will be no trace of any kind of shine.

These are 4 very effective ways with which you can quickly turn any type of enamel with the shine that you can have in your house in a matte nail painting, you will only have to choose one of these options.

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